Transform Your Garage with the CHAMBERLAIN Smart Garage Control – A Game Changer for Convenient and Secure Access

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    • Control your garage door from anywhere using the myQ app
    • Give access to family or friends remotely
    • Set a schedule to automatically close the garage at night
    • Compatible with most garage door openers made after 1993
    • System requirements: 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, router with 802.11 B/G/N within 50 feet of the device
    • Can control a second door with an additional sensor (sold separately)
    • Compact size: 0.8 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches, weighs 13 ounces
    • Comes with batteries included, available since August 20, 2020
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    Product Review: CHAMBERLAIN Smart Garage Control


    – Easy installation and setup

    – Convenient smartphone control

    – Ability to give access to family and friends remotely

    – Schedule garage door close times for added security

    – Works with most garage door openers

    – Integrates with ADT control

    – Provides notifications and activity updates


    – Limited web access to account

    – Troublesome app connectivity issues

    – Inconsistent battery life for door sensor

    – Confusing setup instructions

    – Beeping sound is not as loud as expected

    – Does not integrate with smart things

    Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    I found the CHAMBERLAIN Smart Garage Control to be a valuable addition to my home. The installation process was straightforward, and the smartphone control feature has been extremely convenient. Being able to open and close the garage door remotely and monitor activity has provided me with peace of mind, especially when I’m away from home. The ability to grant access to family and friends has also been a great feature.

    However, I did encounter some issues with the app connectivity, and the limited web access to the account was a bit frustrating. The battery life of the door sensor could also be improved, as it required replacement after only a short period of use. Additionally, the setup instructions were confusing at times, and the beeping sound could be louder for better notification.

    Despite these drawbacks, the CHAMBERLAIN Smart Garage Control is a reliable and affordable option for upgrading an older garage door opener into a smart device. It provides a convenient way to control and monitor your garage from anywhere, making it a worthwhile investment.

    Additional information

    Product Dimensions

    0.8 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches

    Item Weight

    13 ounces

    Item model number



    1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

    Date First Available

    August 20, 2020



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    8 thoughts on “Transform Your Garage with the CHAMBERLAIN Smart Garage Control – A Game Changer for Convenient and Secure Access

    1. Speaking for my case specifically, it was not an easy install. I don’t like the fact that Chamberlain forces you to use the app exclusively. There is no web access to the account you will create with the app. This is why I deducted a star for tech support. Once you create your account, the wizard takes you thru a series of predefined steps that are (grudgingly) very clear. There are videos within the app that you can view while you are doing the install. However, there was one issue I had that stopped me dead in the water. The app could not add the device, it reported it couldn’t connect to “server”. I figured that my router was blocking a needed port. Chamberlain online help said it’s 8883/TCP. I did create a port trigger for 8883/TCP (because my fat head said that’s better than port forwarding), but you know what? That failed. After working to define the word “insane” for about two hours …. I finally decided to use virtual server/port forwarding. That immediately worked. Looking back at the two hours I wasted, I reevaluated my technical knowledge. Sometimes it’s best to go with the simple things …. Anyways, everything works now and at this time my insanity has subsided. Once you initiate a door close remotely – at least for me, I almost wanted to flee the scene, flashing lights and beeping …..

    2. a replacement remote for my way old lifter was 30$ THIS.. was cheaper and i’m fully into the digital age with my 20 year old liftmaster.. no brainer…

      the setup was confusing as it just wouldn’t talk to my network.. until suddenly it did.. had to go back over the instructions a few times.. found the video on the website and took it with me on a laptop.. cuz the app just kept taking me to the wrong places on the phone… and it was not intuitive… it kept wanting me to setup the system instead of changing settings.. and when you send a link to someone.. you need to REALLY take it line by line in the email.. if you jump ahead and miss a KEY step.. THEY start setting it up again… but.. once it worked.. it worked great.. love the warning that the door is coming down cuz the wife likes to pound the remote key 2 blocks away without a visual on what’s taking place in our garage… and having assignments and notifications on who’s doing what.. is exceptional at this price point.. then.. add the amazon garage drop?? wow… i would have expected to pay a LOT more for this.. we’ll see how it holds up.. (oh.. ya.. and btw.. it picked the CORRECT version of our 3x gigabit network.. the 2.5 Ghz option as it apparently does NOT work with 5 Ghz, which they don’t mention ANYWHERE when you’re purchasing.. )

    3. Great little remote garage door opener with a warning light and beeper to let you know when it’s about to close the garage door. Installation and setup was easy enough and the myQ phone app takes very little time to load and get status of your garage door. I like that the app can be shared by family members and the phone notification along with the listed access and activities are great for updates while away.
      The myQ Smart Garage hub connected easily to my Craftsman garage door opener with the “purple” learning button. Keep in mind that this Hub will only connect to the 2.4 GHz band for better penetration through walls and masonry. If your WIFI router is broadcasting the same SSID for both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz bands, you may have connection issues.
      Make sure that the SSID for your 2.4GHz band is unique and not the same as the 5Ghz. Most new routers that are provided by your ISP will have the same SSID for both bands by default.

    4. Installation was a breeze & it worked for my older Genie opener. its has a little red button (if that helps)

      I installed the app, plugged it in clicked on add a device and it automatically detected it then proceeded with easy to follow instructions on what to do next.

      Nearing the end in the pairing process i do suggest just trusting it. Press the pair button do not hold it…(holding it unpairs all existing remotes) it did take at least 3 min to pair i am assuming it was running through all the different remote protocols till one worked.

      I am on team beeping is annoying and unnecessary however its not as loud as I expected.

      I did not follow the wall mount instructions and currently its sitting on the top of the opener with plans to mount it on the supports for the opener as I used the spare roof outlet for power.

      I wish that it integrated with smart things it would be nice to simplify some automations that probably are unnecessary and could be done with a door sensor or motion sensor.
      I also wish that you could turn the Blinky bright led light on the hub on as an extra light through the app.

      Issues I have that are docking a star are from the app. I invited my wife to be a shared owner in the app. The app had her create an account and now she has a “home” and has access to my “home” in the app. Problem 1 when she opens the app it goes to her home that has no devices.
      Problem 2 It shows up that she is part of my home however she gets a never-ending loading circle and it will not show her the garage door so she currently does not have access to open the garage door with her account.
      These are only docking one star for me as I do not intend on inviting other guests and if it never sorts itself out i will just sign into my account on her phone.

      Update as the internet said the following day the app on my wifes phone started working.

    5. Thus product is absolutely amazing. I wish I had it sooner in life. Only $30? AMAZING. I feel this is a $69.99 product. It was extremely simple to set up. I thought I was going to have to hardwire the hardware but nope.. It’s as easy as programming any garage remote. Follow the steps in the app and it took 5 minutes to do the entire setup..

      -1 Star because the product arrived with a dead battery for the door sensor. So that’s kinda disappointing.. I’ve had it for 2 days and it already wants me to change the battery.. Luckily I have lots of CR2450 batteries already so I’m not that angry, however, a note to the manufacturer I think some people would be pretty upset they need to go pick one up as its a specialty battery not many people have on hand.

    6. I really like how this turns my older craftsman garage door opener into a smart device. I like it even more that this integrates with ADT control. I can open and close my garage from my smartphone, panel, or from the clickers as normal. I really appreciate that, the hardship here is how to actually get it set up. I had some troubles adding it to the ADT control panel beacuse I was receiving a registration error. This is beacuse you cannot register it in the MyQ app and the ADT Control panel. All online insturctions are going to point you to how to install it using the MyQ app. To save you some trouble here is what I did. First off you will need your smartphone, laptop (desktop would be hard) and wi-fi info.
      Step 1 – get it plugged into an outlet in the garage next to the garage door opener. (do not install it, its easier if you dont have to climb the ladder 8 times)
      Step 2 – connect your phone to the Device wi-fi you will see it in your wi-fi list as MyQ-XXX (XXX represent the last digits of the serial number of the device) *note – tell your phone that you know there is no internet but you want to still connect.
      Step 3 – open a brower (chrome is best) in the search bar This will take you to a Chaimberlin screen that allows you to connect wi-fi.
      Step 4 – select the wi-fi network that you want the device connected to. Once connected your phone will automatically disconnect from the device.
      Step 5 – from the ADT control login on the desktop. Click Settings>Manage Devices>Garage Door> Add Device
      Step 6 – Select Garage Door Hub
      Step 7 – this will run you through the rest of the steps of paring the hub to your garage door opener, and adding the sensor to the garage door.
      Step 7a – tell it what color the button is on your door opener, press the button and click continue. This may take several attempts.
      Step 8 – should be complete and added to the control center.

      I hope this helps

    7. You’re looking for a solution to open your garage door from a remote location. Package deliveries, the housekeeper, your tool-hoarding neighbor. This is one of several products out there that will do the trick.

      If you’re a garage door tech, move along. You know this already. If your a DIY homeowner with grand plans, you must read on – This is what Chamberlain should tell you about their system but doesn’t.

      While generally easy to install, without an Introduction or Basic Principles of Operation as a preamble, you will likely have the same issues I did. Read on for the lessons I learned and tips that will save your hair. I will explain each of the major elements of the system and provide suggestions to improve your probability of a successful installation.

      The Door sensor: This sensor communicates with the smart hub using Bluetooth to indicate door operation and open/ closed condition. During installation it is paired to the smart hub which is best performed with the unit attached to a closed door between 3’ and 10’ from the smart hub. By design, Bluetooth distance is limited to 33’ but don’t count on consistent operation at this extreme end of the range. Consider this distance during installation and future operation.

      Your 2.4ghz cordless phones, baby monitors, etc., can cause Bluetooth interference. Get them out. If your wireless router has a setting for Bluetooth coexistence, enable it.

      Your Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network: The Chamberlain documentation says that 2 bars of 2.4ghz WiFi signal is enough for consistent operation. This can be checked by looking on your phone. I say, your mileage may vary. I installed a dedicated access point for the smart hub as I couldn’t get the system to work reliably. A wired connection is also supported.

      Configure the smart hub with a static IP Address on your wireless network. This will help ensure the Chamberlain service can reach the smart hub quickly and easily when you activate the door. The additional time for the router or server to lookup a dynamic IP Address and establish a connection could create timing issues.

      The Smart Hub: The smart hub includes a Bluetooth receiver for the door sensor, a 2.4 ghz radio to connect to your wireless home network for the system to communicate with Chamberlain’s servers on the internet, and a radio frequency (RF) transmitter to send HomeLink rolling codes to your garage door opener (on a channel in the 300-400mhz range depending on your garage door opener) – just like your remote clicker.

      I discovered that the RF transmitter in the smart hub is fairly weak. While your car can transmit a signal a half block away, the smart hub can’t. The instructions make a recommendation for placement of the smart hub but will make an explicit statement here – install it within the 4-6’ “recommendation”. Consider this when planning your installation. Apparently, orientation is important for maximum reach. If it doesn’t work reliably, flip it 180 degrees on its mount. Finally, like other garage door remotes, if it loses power you might have to re-program the system with the garage door learn button. They don’t tell you this so I will.

      Finally, the smart hub needs to be located where it can communicate with; 1) the door sensor (Bluetooth), 2) the garage door opener (RF) and, 3) your wireless (WiFi) network to work consistently! Each has its own distance limitations so placement of the hub is critical.

      Your garage door opener: You obviously have one to which you are adding this system. Do your homework and make sure it’s compatible before you buy. If you’re not positive, call or email them with your make and model numbers in hand. Mine is a Craftsman (Chamberlain) made in 1999 with the door sensors so I was good to go. NOTE: Garage door openers have a limit to the number of remotes they can support. My Craftsman supports 4 remotes. With two HomeLink-connected cars, the remote door opener, and the smart hub I am now at the max allowed by my opener. As a result, I had to decommission my “clickers”. Do your homework and factor this into your plans.

      The Phone App: A basic, functional, app with a few frills. It works well enough though some settings are best changed on the web site (that I didn’t know about). When installing the smart hub your phone will need to be on your 2.4ghz wireless network to complete the setup. After that, it doesn’t matter what your phone is connected to – your home network or a cell connection. The system can be setup entirely from your phone. I set up an open alert, a close alert and a 10pm door not closed reminder. The alerts can be sent to you via Text or email.

      The Chamberlain service: Does not support Alexa or IFTTT (without a fee) and that’s fine for me. I always have my phone handy and I don’t need the security concerns that come with IFTTT. Also, multi-user accounts are not (yet) supported. I just program the wife’s phone with the same username/ password and off we go.

      The system is fairly rudimentary and in my opinion could use some added intelligence. If the system components exchanged more status information it could probably avoid situations where the “door [is] not responding” or better error status information could be presented to the user. Sometimes I think it’s just that Chamberlain’s servers are slow.

      LED & Florescent lights: I hear you asking “why is this important?”. Both can emit radio and electromagnetic interference that can mask the signal between the smart hub and your opener. If you experience unreliable operation – out they go. The last thing I did was remove an LED lamp from a motion sensor fixture nearby and replaced it with a standard incandescent. Since the light is only on for a few minutes I’m not worried about the power usage if it means the garage door will close when commanded.

      I give Chamberlain credit for trying to make the install easy. Considering the different operating environments and variables, it’s a challenge to cover all the bases. Unfortunately, a quick start guide simply isn’t enough in this case and the online instructions are no better. They have made some assumptions about what you need to know (or don’t need to know). The above precautions should be spelled out to avoid customer frustration and reduce the number of calls to their help desk (and returned product).

      The good news for me is that after 2 months of trial and error and multiple calls and emails to their help desk, I think we may finally have all the issues cleared up. My fingers are crossed.

      Now you know everything Chamberlain should tell you but doesn’t. Best of luck!

    8. We originally bought this smart garage door controller when our kids continually left the garages open. Our neighbors kept calling to let us know the door(s) were open and we needed a solution. I found this inexpensive little gadget and decided to give it a whirl. It was quick and easy to install, even with multiple doors and sensors, the app is functional and helpful. I now know when the door is being opened and closed, even if I’m not home. Since we installed the MyQ, I haven’t had to question myself whether or not I remembered to close the doors after driving away. It’s also been great for vacations, we can see when the housesitter comes and goes and make sure they close up after visits. Until recently, we used Amazon’s key delivery to have our packages delivered inside the garage. Porch pirates be damned!

      Most recently, my parents were out of town and needed me to drain their sprinklers. Unfortunately, the garage remote I have for their house had died, (even with a new battery,) and I had no access to their house. They don’t have a keypad, nor do any of us have house keys. (We’ve since gotten keys made for everyone, but keys are lame.) So, I decided to gift them one of these systems as an add-on to their existing security system. They can now grant access to us adult children, as well as grandkids, neighbors who may be getting mail & packages, etc.

      Even if you use the Homelink system in your car, it’s still nice to have this as an added layer of access. I’ve had to re-program my Homelink several times due to having our cars serviced. (We mistakenly bought 2 brand new cars during covid and have had to take them in to get “missing” components added. What a disaster.) If it weren’t for the MyQ, I’d have been locked out of the house more than once.

      My ONLY gripe is that Amazon is now charging for key delivery, yet the packaging still claims it’s free. I’m home most of the time, so I don’t really need the inside delivery, but it was a really nice service. However, they need to fix the packaging and inserts, OR BETTER YET, return to free key delivery.

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