Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light Review: The Perfect Companion for Bedtime Reading and More

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    • 3 color temperature modes: yellow, warm white, and cool white
    • 6 brightness levels dimmable
    • Rechargeable with USB Type-C
    • Up to 80 hours of battery life
    • Eye caring with no flickering and blue light filter design
    • Ergonomic design with adjustable arms and neck strap
    • Partner-friendly narrow beam angle design
    • 36-month warranty and certified by FCC, CE, PSE, and C-Tick
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    Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light: A Must-Have for Reading Lovers


    As an avid reader, I am always on the lookout for the perfect book light that provides maximum comfort and convenience while reading. After thorough research, I came across the Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, and it has exceeded my expectations in every way.

    3 Color & 6 Brightness Adjustable

    The ability to adjust the color temperature and brightness levels according to my preference is a game-changer. With three color modes and six brightness levels, I can easily customize the lighting to suit any reading environment.

    Rechargeable & Long-Lasting

    The USB Type-C rechargeable feature of this neck light is incredibly convenient. It comes with a premium rechargeable 1000mAh battery that provides up to 80 hours of non-diminishing brightness. I haven’t had to worry about running out of battery power even during extended reading sessions.

    Eye Caring & Ergonomic Design

    The Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light prioritizes eye comfort with its flicker-free and blue light filter design. I no longer experience eye strain, even after hours of reading. The bendable arms and ergonomic neck design allow me to adjust the light to the most comfortable angle, providing a truly hands-free reading experience.

    Partner Friendly

    The narrow beam angle design ensures that the light shines directly on the reading material without disturbing my partner’s sleep. It strikes the perfect balance between illumination and consideration for others.

    My Experience

    Since purchasing this light, reading has become even more enjoyable. It is comfortable to wear, and the brightness directly on the page I am reading makes it effortless to navigate through my books. I have used it in various settings – on my couch, at my desk, and even in bed – and it has consistently provided the perfect lighting I need.

    The battery life has been exceptional, and the convenience of the USB Type-C charging cannot be overstated. The light is sturdy and has withstood drops without any issues. The switches are easy to use, and once I found my preferred setting, I haven’t had to adjust them frequently.


    The Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light has become an essential companion for book lovers like myself. Its versatility, long-lasting battery, and customizable lighting make it the perfect choice for reading, knitting, and various other activities. I highly recommend this product to anyone in need of a high-quality, hands-free lighting solution.

    Additional information







    Product Dimensions

    ‎7.4"D x 10"W x 1.1"H

    Special Feature

    ‎eye caring, rechargeable, up to 80 hours working time, ergonomic design, partner friendly, 3 color temperature modes, hands free, 6 brightness levels dimmable

    Light Source Type


    Finish Type



    ‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Rubber

    Lamp Type


    Room Type


    Shade Color


    Shade Material


    Power Source

    ‎Battery Powered



    Switch Type

    ‎Push Button

    Number of Light Sources


    Connectivity Technology


    Included Components

    ‎1*Neck Reading Light, 1* Book Mark, 1*Charging Cable, 1*User Manual.

    Cable Length

    ‎21 Inches

    Mounting Type



    ‎3.7 Watt-hours

    Number of Items


    Lighting Method


    Control Method


    Item Weight

    ‎4.4 ounces

    Water Resistance Level

    ‎Not Water Resistant

    Installation Type


    Number of Pieces





    ‎5 Volts (DC)

    Base Diameter

    ‎7.4 Inches


    ‎160 Lumen



    Part Number


    Item model number



    ‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)







    Item Package Quantity


    Special Features

    ‎eye caring, rechargeable, up to 80 hours working time, ergonomic design, partner friendly, 3 color temperature modes, hands free, 6 brightness levels dimmable

    Batteries Included


    Batteries Required


    Battery Cell Type

    ‎Lithium Polymer

    9 thoughts on “Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light Review: The Perfect Companion for Bedtime Reading and More

    1. Elle est géniale. Trois puissances, trois couleurs de lumière (jaune, orangée et blanche), et on ne la sens pas autour de son coup. De plus, elle est très malléable et on peut orienter ses branches vers le livre comme on le souhaite. Elle tient très bien la charge. Je recommande !

    2. Got thos because I have another 1 the other half bought for valentines day last year and I decided to get a spare as I do pet sitting and some stuff it’s just easier to have 2. I like the style, the brightness and, like my other 1, I generally find it more comfortable when I have something with a collar on so the light is more comfortable but it’s light and a jumper stops it wiggling round. It’s not terrible to use with a t-shirt or anything, it’s just my personal preference. The back of this has a sort of velvety pad, I assume to stop it moving as much and for comfort which my other light doesn’t have so it might be a bit more comfortable to wear round your neck without something under it but I haven’t tried it yet.

      Overall I’m happy with it. It’s the same as my other light, apart from the pad in the back, so I know the settings I like already and it does a good job of lighting up my crochet, especially darker colours at this time of year.
      Worth getting if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a neck light or you want to try one to see if it’s something you’ll make use of before you get a more expensive one.

    3. Very nice to have around. I bought mine specifically for reading. I turn lights off and often leave them off until practical. Electric Co. hates me. I like to be organized and can find things in the dark quickly. That may not be the case for most. You might want to grab a beverage, some reference materials, or quick set up coffee for the morning. I wanted a device to use around the enviorns for more generally (value/utility) and since have actually used much more often than I’d hoped. The brightness settings are useful and the posable nature of the device makes it very flexible. It has held up (to usage and drops) and recharges well. It is more sturdy than the thin gooseneck types, but yields if you look around or get drowsy. The switches dont make much noise, so you may want to play a little with the settings to become familiar with them and what works best for each task. You might just find a setting you like and leave it there, too. This ought to be very useful for power outages and for after hours movements. Say, you don’t live alone and would rather not want to turn on several lights as you’re rummaging through the realm. Elderly should have a couple of these… or comparable products, where they can easily reach them. One in a bedroom, a garage, or car, places they spend a lot of time and need to see where they’re going to reduce chance of falling or colliding. They can easily hang over a post, chair, small hook, or coil and fit inside certain (not included) cases, or inside the pocket or a purse, day bag, duffle, or backpack. Save yourself a nasty fall and get something like this and you will soon see (haha) the utility.

    4. Pedi la luz para sostenerla al cuello mientras bordo porque requería ver mejor pintadas en color negro, a toda hora o mientras mi familia quiere. Te películas a obscuras. Ilumina justamente lo que estás apuntando sin molestar a los demás .
      Tiene tres intensidades de luz, además de tres tipos de luz, luz cálida, luz amarilla y luz cálida. Se enciende con un solo clic mientras la tienes puesta .
      Es útil también cuando entras a un sitio sin luz, te puede iluminar el camino perfectamente . Sus extremos son dirigibles fácilmente . Se carga sin problemas y tiene un sensor que te indica cuando no tiene pila .

    5. I love everything about this light! I’ve only used it one night so far, so I can’t comment on the battery life. It appears most reviews are good about it. It is comfortable to use. I got the original version because I could get it in the mail in one day and because I will be using it sitting up to read and possibly knit. I’m not a fan of bright light for an entire room. I bought a small USB charger for it today. Today I received an email directly from the company, thanking me for my purchase. (How often does that happen?!) One thing mentioned in the email is that there is a plastic film over the light lenses that should be removed. The manual doesn’t mention that, so I didn’t even know the film was there and used it last night with the film on. There was still plenty of light and I didn’t use more than the medium setting. Extremely happy with this purchase! Since I also often read in bed laying down before I go to sleep, I’m going to order the slim version of this light because I’m not always happy with the bedroom table light.

    6. Habe die Lampe für meine Mutter gekauft, die gerne Strickt usw. Sie ist sehr begeistert von der Lampe, hilft ihr dunkles Garn besser zu verarbeiten. Lampe ist gut verarbeitet und lässt sich punktgenau einstellen. Ist den Kauf auf jeden Fall wert , habe mir selber auch eine gekauft, da sie auch zum Lesen und für andere Sachen einsetz bar ist. Kauf immer wieder gern.

    7. I must admit I accidentally purchased the “original” version of the neck light instead of the “upgraded” version, as both versions of the neck light were being sold in the SAME Amazon listing, and it was up to the buyer to click on the correct thumbnail photo. I didn’t realize my mistake until the item came, but I’m still 100% delighted with it and I don’t see the need to exchange it for the upgraded version.

      The main selling point of the upgraded neck light is that it’s less bulky where it sits on the back of your neck. However, I did not find my neck light–the original version–to be heavy, bulky, or uncomfortable to wear at all.

      I’ve seen miniature flashlights that clip on to the bill of a hat, but since I never wear hats, I love the idea of a portable light that I could wear around my neck instead.

      If this product has only one downside, it’s the ease with which the power buttons can be accidentally pressed. When I opened the box, one of the lights was already on (!), and that took me by surprise. So if you intend to carry this light with you in a suitcase, purse, or backpack, you might want to put it inside a small, rigid case so that the power buttons can’t be accidentally pressed. You wouldn’t want to drain the battery by having the lights turned on unnecessarily.

    8. Buena luz, discreta y el collarin se ajusta bien. Lo compre para mí padre, me preocupaba que luego se levantaba a leer o ver si tablet, en la noche, y por no querer estar despertar a mi mamá, veía las pantallas en oscuras, así que para que tuviera otro soporte de luz, y no solo la pantalla, lo adquirí, y si, lo usa bastante, hasta de lamparita para ir al baño XD. Yo ya lo usé para leer de noche en un viaje en camion, y la recomiendo bastante

    9. On balance, it is a great product worthy of the many thousands of purchases and positive reviews.

      I bought it for reading because I was frustrated that when reading books or papers I find it very hard to have proper task lighting in different locations. This light definitely takes care of that. I am working on research projects that require me to read actual books and I used it immediately for hours. It works great when I am sitting on my a couch, on an office chair or even in bed (sitting up in bed or if you are looking up instead of sideways; I do not think it very practical if you want to lie down). And it works just as well if I am standing at my high desk or just standing by the bookcases looking for a quick reference. That versatility and mobility, combined with consistent lighting for the book I was reading is exactly what I wanted.

      Battery life appears to be quite long and I love the brightness directly placed on the page I am reading and how it moves with me as I turn the pages. The three levels of brightness and color alternatives allow you to choose what works best in your environment and for your eyes. (I would heed the manufacturer’s warning not to look directly into the light, I have not done it, but I think it a very bad idea).

      The unit also works as task lighting when you need your hands to be free and in tight positions.

      I read some concern about the center piece not being flexible. I disagree. The wider center means that the unit rests on your shoulder, not on your neck. That makes it a lot more comfortable to wear for extended periods, especially because it does not weigh very much. I actually forgot I was wearing it when I went from reading in a sitting position to working at my computer which is on a standing desk.

      My only criticism and concern is that it is too easy to turn it on. The lightest of touches will turn on either light. In fact, I was very surprised that both lights were on at full intensity when I first opened the box, despite the box being sealed and the unit being in its factory plastic packaging. This seems dangerous. I would absolutely not put it in luggage or even carry it in a backpack, which is unfortunate as it would otherwise seem like a great travel gadget.

      The manufacturer seems very responsive to feedback. Perhaps using the center button as some sort of lock?

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