Ring Indoor Cam (2nd Gen): A Game-Changer in Home Security with Enhanced Features!

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    • Latest generation, 2023 release
    • 1080p HD Video & Color Night Vision
    • Two-Way Talk
    • Manual Audio & Video Privacy Cover
    • Advanced Pre-Roll for video previews
    • Real-time alerts for motion detection
    • Versatile mounting options
    • Additional protection with Ring Protect Plan
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    Review of Ring Indoor Cam (2nd Gen)

    Impressive Features and Reliable Performance

    I recently purchased the Ring Indoor Cam (2nd Gen) and I am extremely satisfied with its performance. The camera’s 1080p HD video quality and color night vision provide clear and detailed footage, even in low-light conditions. Being able to watch over my home day and night is a huge advantage.

    The two-way talk feature adds an extra layer of security and convenience. I can easily communicate with anyone in my home through the camera’s microphone and speaker, and the sound quality is excellent with minimal lag time. The separate control of the microphone and speaker is a great feature that allows me to use them independently.

    The manual audio and video privacy cover is another thoughtful addition. I appreciate having control over when the camera is active, ensuring my privacy when needed. The privacy cover is easy to use, with a noticeable click when closing it.

    Setup was a breeze, and I had no issues connecting the camera to my Wi-Fi network. The camera’s compatibility with the 2.4ghz Wi-Fi band provides greater coverage distance compared to other Ring devices. The advanced WPA3 encryption offers enhanced security, protecting the camera from potential attackers.

    Although the night vision feature works well indoors, it is important to note that pointing the camera out of a window may cause a glare due to the infrared illuminating LED lights. However, this can be easily resolved by disabling the infrared lights.

    The only downside I experienced was a camera malfunction within the first two weeks of use. However, the customer service provided by Jeff Bezos and his team was exceptional. They promptly sent me a replacement, making the entire process smooth and hassle-free. Even though I had to package the faulty camera myself, I truly appreciate their willingness to address the issue and ensure customer satisfaction.

    In terms of value for money, the Ring Indoor Cam (2nd Gen) delivers what it promises. The picture quality might not be crystal clear, but it is perfectly adequate for my needs. The privacy door works effectively, and the microphone and speaker performance is impressive. Whether you choose to purchase a Ring plan or not, the camera’s live video feature is quick to load, making it convenient to check on any area of your home.

    Overall, I highly recommend the Ring Indoor Cam (2nd Gen). Its impressive features, reliable performance, and outstanding customer service make it a great addition to any home security setup.

    Rating: 5/5

    Additional information


    1.93 in. x 1.93 in. x 3.81 in. (4.9 cm x 4.9 cm x 9.6 cm) including ball-joint plate and camera mount

    Available Colors

    White, Black


    1080p HD, Live View, Color Night Vision

    Motion Detection

    Customizable Motion Detection

    Field of View

    143° diagonal, 115° horizontal, 59° vertical


    Two-way audio with noise cancellation


    6.5 ft Micro USB Power Adapter (10 ft Micro USB Power Cable sold separately)

    Internet Requirements

    Requires a minimum upload speed of 2 Mbps for optimal performance


    802.11 b/g/n wifi connection @ 2.4GHz

    Estimated Install Time

    5 to 10 minutes

    Operating Conditions

    4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C)

    Setup Requirement

    Standard power outlet

    Box Includes

    Indoor Cam (2nd Gen) Privacy cover (attached to camera) 10W USB-A Power Adapter USB-A to Micro USB Charge Cable (6.5 ft) Install hardware Setup Guide Warranty and Safety document Security sticker

    Software Security Updates

    This device receives guaranteed software security updates until at least four years after the device is last available for purchase as a new unit on our websites. Learn more about software security updates. If you already own a Ring device, visit Software Security Updates in Ring Control Center for information specific to your device.

    4 thoughts on “Ring Indoor Cam (2nd Gen): A Game-Changer in Home Security with Enhanced Features!

    1. For the price you do get what you pay for. I got this with the main goal of being able to check on my dog through out the day. The picture isn’t crystal clear, again you get what you pay for. The privacy door does work, you hear a little click when you close it. I like that the microphone and speaker can be used separately. The sound quality is very good, it has little lag time. Depending on if you purchase a Ring plan it can save the video. We leave the motion activation off just to avoid notifications all day but the live video pulls up quickly. May purchase more in the future for other areas of the house.

    2. This RING camera connects to your 2.4ghz wi-fi band which provides greater distance in coverage while using WPA3 Advanced encryption that our RING Doorbell and other RING cameras do NOT have, as they use (WPA2) Basic. Other than the encryption factor, WPA3 supposedly (EERO RING ALARM PRO Base Station does NOT have the option shown) provides for management frame protection which protects YOUR RING wi-fi cameras from being kicked off the network by any attacker with a deAUTHentication tool (also SOLd by Amazon) for between $20 and $40. If that occurs while you are trying to respond to a motion alert, you will not be able to connect to the RING camera and it may not save the motion event even when it’s able to re-connect.
      The night vision feature works well indoors but if you point it out your window the infrared illuminating led lights will cast a glare back at the camera so you will need to turn those off.
      And with those off, you’ll need a light out there if you want motion detection to work at all.
      This is an indoor camera, not meant to be used outdoors.
      Its ‘privacy’ cover is manual so if you wanted it open only when you’re not home that would be its best use. Yes , RING has ‘modes’ for RING cameras and the alarm but HOME is really – SLEEPING and disarmed is HOME.

    3. My first RING camera was the wired video doorbell and love it. When I saw the price drop on these Indoor Cameras I thought I try them out even though some reviewers had issues with Wi-Fi connections.
      I had no issues with connecting to my Wi-fi and have a ‘dash’ in my Wi-fi name BUT I also have 2nd RING alarm range extender for my 3 y/o RING alarm system (need for RING alarm sensor on my garage door) which probably helped with the Wi-fi connection as it did for that sensor.
      Setup was easy and now I can see when visitors or non-visitors that are in my driveway and/or on the side of my house. I placed my cameras in my windows, during the setup the app will ask you if placing in front of window or room. If window view, app will automatically turn off the Infrared Lights for night vision option to avoid IR light glare. Night time live view or recorded video is not too bad if no external light. When my garage motion lights did trigger on, the video was in color and person’s face seemed over exposed if they stood in front of the garage light. I also added a camera inside my garage for peace of mind.
      So far so good I will update as needed.
      Update 10/11/2023
      I had purchased a few more Indoor cameras to face out the back windows. Had issues only with the on and off Wi-fi connection for the camera in bedroom especially during 45 min power outage in the neighborhood. All the other cameras reconnected to Wi-fi quickly when the power outage was resolved except the one in the bedroom window. When I plugged this camera into family room where a few other cameras were located it connected right away.
      Called RING regarding this and they informed me that the cameras use 2.4ghz Wi-fi and the alarms connect to 5ghz Wi-fi. They suggest I add 2.4ghz Wi-fi only option to be used on the RING cameras if having connection issues. They also said connection issue could be from distance, wall, entertainment furniture etc…
      I also found out that the RING Wi-fi extenders are for the Ring Alarms and not any good for the cameras. So the camera in my garage is lucky with the Wi-fi connection so far.
      I had my internet provider walk me through on adding 2.4ghz only Wi-fi as 2nd option. I took that camera to bedroom window again, plugged it to power and instant connection to original Wi-fi that adjust devices automatically to 5ghz or 2.4ghz and not the newly added 2.4ghz only Wi-fi. Go figure LOL
      If I have Wi-fi connection issues later I can connect to the newly added 2.4ghz which would be more stable per my internet provider.
      Also besides the IR turned off in the app to prevent glare I had applied black tape over the blue light on all my cameras looking out the window.
      These are great indoor cameras especially when you live in a townhome and drilling the exterior of building you get pushback from HOA. These are easier for me to plug and go in my home and can’t be tampered with if had the outdoor cameras.

    4. I’m giving the All-new Ring Indoor Cam (2nd Gen) a five-star rating for its impressive features and outstanding customer service.

      The 1080p HD video and color night vision provide clear and detailed footage, and the two-way talk feature adds an extra layer of security. The manual audio and video privacy cover are thoughtful additions, giving me control over when the camera is active.

      Unfortunately, my initial experience was marred by the camera breaking after less than two weeks of use. However, I must commend Jeff Bezos and the customer service team for promptly sending me a replacement. Although the replacement process didn’t offer the no-hassle drop-off at UPS, and I had to package it myself, the willingness to address the issue and send a replacement was greatly appreciated.

      Overall, the All-new Ring Indoor Cam is a reliable camera with excellent features, and the replacement is working flawlessly. The top-notch customer service turned a potential hiccup into a positive experience. Five stars for the camera and the outstanding support from the team!

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