Solar Eclipse Glasses Review: A Safe and Reliable Choice for Viewing the 2024 Eclipse

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    • CE and ISO Certified solar eclipse glasses for safe direct sun viewing
    • Premium protection from harmful UV rays
    • Made by AAS approved manufacturer adhering to strict safety standards
    • Suitable for ages 6 and up with comfortable slip-on design
    • Available in bulk packs of 6, 12, 25, 50, and 100
    • Manufacturer: Jaxy optical instruments
    • Size: One Size, Color: Red, Style: Classic
    • Scratch-resistant material with rectangular shape for durability and UV protection
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      Impressive Solar Eclipse Glasses!

      These solar eclipse glasses exceeded my expectations! The quality is top-notch despite the reasonable price. I tested them out under the sun and was amazed by how well they block the sunlight. The delivery was quick, and I appreciate the option to buy them in bulk for my family. Can’t wait to use them for the upcoming eclipse!

      Additional information


      ‎Jaxy optical instruments

      Part Number


      Item Weight

      ‎2.08 ounces

      Package Dimensions

      ‎5.8 x 1.73 x 1.37 inches

      Country of Origin


      Item model number



      ‎One Size






      ‎Scratch Resistant



      UV Protection


      Batteries Required


      8 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse Glasses Review: A Safe and Reliable Choice for Viewing the 2024 Eclipse

      1. These glasses at first seem really dark but we went out on a sunny day and put them on and looked at the sun and they were perfect. We are so looking forward to the eclipse! The only negative thing I can think of is if you have a really really big head then the arms might not be long enough to go over your ears. But the positive side of that is that it fits children up to adults with moderately sized heads perfectly. I also liked how the frames seemed to glow orange when facing the sun because of the sunlight coming through the orange cardboard. It let me know if I was oriented correctly.

      2. These glasses have a high quality feel to them despite the affordable price. They are real dark, and will be used for the solar eclipse.

      3. Quantity of shades for price. Will be able to pass out to members of family and make sure that they are protected.

      4. I was concerned about the visibility of the sun with these glasses when I first received them. Today the sun came out and I am able to see it wearing them. Due to unstable hands,I wasn’t able to take a good picture. This is just to show that it really works. Good price,too.

      5. Decent glasses that are certified 👌. Great price, so I can share the extras with friends or even with those I don’t know if they don’t have any

      6. I purchase these eclipse shades for April 8th. I just tried a pair on and it is pitch black even with a flashlight facing it. There’s no way that you can see through it at all. I’m hoping these work for the eclipse if not I’ll be sending them back. Pissed that my family and I couldn’t watch the eclipse. I’ll update on the 8th.

      7. Tested with several light sources and they blocked them all, so Def passed that test…
        They shipped very fast as well.. 2 days from order to delivery.
        But I had to dock a star because I needed 12 pair, that’s one reason I bought this set… and only received 11. So now I’ve gotta come up with another pair some how and really don’t wanna buy more. But may have to bc they are no where to be found locally

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