Solar Eclipse Glasses for 2024: AAS, CE, and ISO Certified Protection for Safe Sun Viewing

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    • Solar eclipse glasses approved for 2024 eclipse
    • AAS, CE, and ISO certified for safe direct sun viewing
    • Protects eyes from harmful UV rays during an eclipse
    • Made by a reputable manufacturer following AAS rules
    • Suitable for kids ages 6 and up with slip-on design
    • Available in bulk packs of 6, 12, 25, 50, and 100
    • Package dimensions: 5.72 x 1.57 x 0.78 inches; 0.01 ounces
    • Manufacturer: Jaxy optical instruments, Country of Origin: China
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      Personal Review: Solar Eclipse Glasses (6 PACK)

      Quality and Safety Accompanied by Style

      These solar eclipse glasses exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and safety features. The premium build and superior lenses assured me of the protection my eyes needed during direct sun viewing. Moreover, the stylish and attractive design made wearing these glasses a fun experience for both kids and adults.

      Reliable and Trustworthy

      Receiving these glasses in excellent condition, I was impressed by their durability and ease of use. The rigorous testing mentioned by the TV news report reinforced my confidence in their authenticity and safety. I was able to perform simple tests suggested by the report with positive results, confirming that these glasses are indeed legitimate and reliable for sun viewing.

      Convenience in Packaging

      Although the packaging differed slightly from what was depicted in the advertising, the plastic sleeve containing the six pairs of glasses proved to be convenient for storage and distribution. The sturdy paper frame and dark lenses further added to their functionality. I am eager to put them to use for the upcoming eclipse and confident that they will perform as expected.

      Additional information

      Package Dimensions

      5.72 x 1.57 x 0.78 inches, 0.01 ounces

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      Date First Available

      January 2, 2024


      Jaxy optical instruments

      Country of Origin


      8 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse Glasses for 2024: AAS, CE, and ISO Certified Protection for Safe Sun Viewing

      1. These have came in great shape, nothing physically wrong with them. Havent used them yet, got them for the solar eclipse in April.

      2. Not as shown in advertising. The ad looks like a box of six pair. There was six pair in a plastic sleeve not a box.
        They appear to be a sturdy paper frame with a very dark plastic lens. Do they work? Remains to be seen.

      3. These past iso. They also pass other things you can do to test them. So they are legit. You can feel safe wearing these

      4. Not only were these the best price I found, but according to the TV news and their suggested way to “test” whether or not eclipse glasses were authentic – these are great. The TV news report I saw said that you should test any of these eclipse glasses by putting them on, and looking at a very bright light bulb or stare into a flashlight beam.

        The report said that with authentic (safe) eclipse glasses you should barely be able to see the light (if at all). These passed the test. I have a 5,000 lumen LED flashlight and wearing the glasses I am barely able to discern any light at all coming from the flashlight. I also tested it looking directly into 60-watt comparable LED can lights in our home and finally looking directly at a 60-watt bare lamp bulb.

        These glasses certainly appear to be the real thing and safe. I will feel comfortable sharing these with family and friends for viewing the eclipse…weather permitting.

      5. Received properly. Good quality and easy to use. Excited to use in the next few weeks. Quality good enough to save for next eclipse!

      6. Stylish, attractive, colorful….what am I saying? They are solar eclipse glasses! They are pretty cool looking though. Kids and adults will love them. You will be the envy of the BBQ!

      7. Obviously, I have to wait until April 8th here in the USA to do a “field test”, but you are probably looking to buy these ahead of that anyway. After doing research, the 12312-2 rating is what is recommended. Another test I read was that you shouldn’t see anything through them in normal indoor setting (You can’t). So I can say I feel pretty confident that these will protect my eyes. Is there a pair of cardboard glasses that are completely comfortable, I doubt it. All I ask, is if you are buying these and have children, you must have a discussion that they cannot take them off while looking at the sun. Then you have to side eye keep track that they actually listened to you. Happy Solar Eclipse!

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