POWERPASTE vs. Traditional Energy Storage: A Paradigm Shift in High-Energy Solutions

POWERPASTE vs. Traditional Energy Storage: A Paradigm Shift in High-Energy Solutions Expanding on the Advancements of POWERPASTE: POWERPASTE stands out as a groundbreaking high-energy storage solution, harnessing the benefits of metal hydrides through a unique and customizable composition. The amalgamation of Magnesiumhydride (MgH₂), a metal salt additive, and an ester empowers POWERPASTE to achieve remarkable energy densities of approximately 1.6 kWh/kg and 1.9 kWh/Liter at the material level. What sets POWERPASTE apart is the dosable nature of its metal hydride, coupled with a particularly dynamic water reaction. This versatile energy storage solution proves to be an enticing alternative to conventional energy storage methods like batteries, especially in applications where water is readily available. Extending the Reach of POWERPASTE: The hydrolysis of Magnesiumhydride in POWERPASTE initiates the production of gaseous hydrogen, subsequently transformed into electricity within fuel cells. This innovative approach paves the way for the development of compact, secure, durable, and cost-effective energy systems. Notably, these systems surpass high-performance batteries in terms of energy density, even at the system level. Applications Across Industries: POWERPASTE finds its utility across a spectrum of applications, serving as a versatile solution for:
  • Backup and emergency energy systems
  • Autonomous telecommunication and radio communication
  • Portable electronic devices and chargers
  • Mobile reserve energy systems
  • Camping and outdoor equipment
  • Energy supply in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Sensors and probes
  • Buoys, warning, and light signals
  • POWERPASTE for aviation power supply
The Pinnacle of Advantages: Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden’s ingenuity in making highly energetic, non-toxic magnesium hydride (MgH₂), which exhibits low reactivity with water, accessible for hydrolysis is at the heart of POWERPASTE’s success. Addressing challenges faced by other hydrolysis materials, such as slow reaction rates, expensive catalysts, high production costs, and material toxicity, POWERPASTE boasts several key advantages:
  • Very high achievable gravimetric and volumetric energy densities
  • High availability of raw materials, particularly magnesium
  • Low cost per kWh
  • High optimization potential for large-scale production
  • Easy handling of materials
  • Long shelf life with no self-discharge
  • Hydrolysis reaction conducted with liquid water (no heat or steam required)
  • Adaptable reaction kinetics for application-specific needs
  • High reaction and system safety
  • Noiseless and emission-free energy conversion
  • Non-toxicity of both hydrolysis fuel and by-products
Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden holds patents for various metal hydride-based hydrolysis materials, their production, and associated system technology. This pioneering invention received the f-cell award 2013 (1st place in the “Science” category). Contributions and Collaborations: Collaborating with Grünland Handels GmbH in Austria, Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden continues to drive advancements and apply POWERPASTE technology for stationary applications, making critical strides in hydrogen storage. Staying Ahead: Since 2016, POWERPASTE has been a consistent highlight at the Hannover Messe. For the latest updates on POWERPASTE technology, refer to the presentation given at the Hannover Messe 2023 Technical Forum during the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE exhibition: “Recent Advances in POWERPASTE: Changing the Future of Energy Storage | Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE”.

You might be interested in energy storage, a topic closely related to high-energy solutions like POWERPASTE. Energy storage plays a crucial role in various applications, from backup and emergency energy systems to portable electronic devices. Additionally, hydrogen storage is another relevant area, considering POWERPASTE’s utilization of magnesium hydride. Hydrogen storage technologies, including hydrolysis materials, offer potential advancements in the field. Stay updated on the latest advancements in energy storage and hydrogen technology through the

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