Review: Medical King Solar Eclipse Glasses – A Safe Choice for Direct Sun Viewing in 2024

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    • Solar eclipse glasses for direct sun viewing in 2/5/10/20/60 pack options
    • CE and ISO certified for safety, approved by American Astronomical Society 2024
    • Suitable for teens and adults, can be worn over prescription glasses
    • Filters out harmful light with solar safe filter technology
    • Each pack contains 10 non-polarized solar eclipse glasses
    • Date First Available: March 20, 2024
      Last updated on May 15, 2024 7:00 am Details


      I purchased the Medical King Solar Eclipse Glasses for the upcoming 2024 eclipse and I am very satisfied with my purchase. The glasses are sturdy and meet the CE and ISO safety approval standards, providing me with peace of mind for direct sun viewing. I appreciate that they come in a 10-pack, allowing me to share them with family and friends for a safe viewing experience. The glasses are well-made and effectively block out harmful light while ensuring a comfortable fit. I look forward to using them on eclipse day and would highly recommend them to others. Overall, a great buy!

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      Date First Available

      March 20, 2024

      8 thoughts on “Review: Medical King Solar Eclipse Glasses – A Safe Choice for Direct Sun Viewing in 2024

      1. The true test will be on eclipse day! The price is right and these meet the CE & ISO safety approval standards. They are a basic, single use product, for which the price can’t be beat. I bought a 10 pack so that I can share glasses with family and friends. I compared many differently priced eclipse glasses and these rate as high as any. I’m happy with my choice and I hope that on 4/8/24 they’ll be perfect. I’m giving all 5 star ratings because they meet all of the above requirements for a high rating.

      2. Will be using to view the eclipse . They have the approved ratings for viewing this solar event. Needed to have several on hand for the kids and grankids.

      3. Got these for the eclipse and they are great and not the fake ones that they sell all over. Definitely recommend these

      4. The viewers are stamped as meeting ISO 12312-2 requirements- I believe they are for 1) if they weren’t in compliance the manufacturer would be in A LOT of trouble for saying they were and 2) I put them on and looked directly at the sun and it was all I could see- the viewers totally block out all light except the sun when looked at directly- don’t think you can use these as sunglasses but they make good blinders – can’t see anything through them except the sun and maybe an arc welding bead. They could have cooler graphics- the appearance is kind of boring but I guess they’re not for fashion…

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