Vibrant and Versatile: A Review of Tenmiro Led Lights for Bedroom 100ft

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    • Led light strip with music sync function, changes color with the rhythm of the sound and music
    • Control the strip lights via remote control or app, with millions of different colors and 25 modes
    • Easy installation, just stick the strips on a clean surface
    • Ultra long length of 100ft, suitable for decorating bedrooms, ceilings, living rooms, and more
    • Satisfaction warranty and quick customer support
    • Multicolor LED lights with adjustable brightness, timer, and dimmable features
    • Suitable for indoor use, with a modern style and metal material
    • Bluetooth connectivity and 540 light sources, with a power of 60 watts
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    My Review of Tenmiro Led Lights for Bedroom 100ft

    I recently purchased the Tenmiro Led Lights for Bedroom 100ft and I must say, I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The 100ft set, consisting of 2 rolls of 50ft each, was more than enough to cover my entire bedroom and create a stunning lighting effect.

    The standout feature of these lights is definitely the Music Sync function. It adds an extra level of excitement and energy to any room by synchronizing the color changes and patterns with the rhythm of the music. Whether I’m hosting a party or just relaxing, the dynamic lighting effects create a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

    The remote control and app control options provide great convenience and flexibility in managing the lights. The remote is easy to use and allows me to seamlessly change colors, adjust brightness, and choose from various lighting modes. The app control takes it a step further, offering even more customization options such as setting schedules and creating unique color schemes.

    I found the installation process to be very easy. The adhesive on the back of the light strips worked well on a clean, dry surface and held the lights securely in place. I didn’t encounter any issues with the adhesion or any residue left on the walls when removing the strips.

    The quality of the lights is impressive, especially considering the affordability of the product. The brightness and range of colors are excellent, and I found the strip to be durable and long-lasting.

    In conclusion, I highly recommend the Tenmiro Led Lights for Bedroom 100ft. They are a fantastic addition to any room, providing mesmerizing lighting effects and a great level of customization. The ease of use, quality, and affordability make them a standout choice in the market.

    Additional information





    IndoorOutdoor Usage


    Special Feature

    Color Changing, Adjustable, Dimmable, Timer

    Light Source Type


    Power Source

    Corded Electric


    Music, Movie


    Christmas, Halloween, Party, Birthday, New Year





    Controller Type

    app control,remote control

    Connectivity Protocol


    Number of Light Sources



    60 watts

    Item Weight

    0.882 ounces

    Number of Items


    Item Dimensions LxWxH

    6 x 6 x 2.3 inches

    Control Method

    App, Remote

    Product Dimensions

    6 x 6 x 2.3 inches

    Item model number


    Date First Available

    April 21, 2021



    10 thoughts on “Vibrant and Versatile: A Review of Tenmiro Led Lights for Bedroom 100ft

    1. Very easy to install – and a lot of cool features if you are looking to have some changing lights. We just bought to light up a step down into our living room so we only leave it on one setting. But you can’t beat the price!!

    2. We purchased two of these items for our daughters bedrooms. We verified all lights worked before installing the strips to the wall. Once that process was complete, we attempted to use the control to explore the features. The remote control is highly intimidating and has too many options to fully understand everything the lights can do. The batteries supplied with purchase quickly died out from the remote. We replaced with our own newer batteries. In the interim we found out our Roku remotes also are compatible with this product to change the settings. We are happy with the purchase, however the remote is very very cheap and I would recommend investing in something that is better made.

    3. Iv seen the old led light strips and these adhesive backs trump those and don’t leave a foam stuck to walls when you peal.them off.

      So you’ll get your damage deposit back if your.

    4. The lights are full of lots of brilliant colors that can be changed to suit your mood in the blink of an eye.
      I bought these lights for my 12 year old Granddaughter’s birthday at her request. The lights are interactive with your music if you desire or they can react with your voice.
      There was enough of the (150 ) lights to put all the way around the ceiling and down 2 opposite corners of her room!

    5. 100 ft of LEDs for under 20 bucks? It’s very hard to complain with a product like that. The main obstacle was figuring out how to stick them to the wall but some internet research came up with a good solution. The remote works but is not very strong. I can see it falling apart within a year. The variations on the lights are good and the brightness is great for the money. I do unplug when not in use because I noticed the LEDs with “bleed” a little light even when not on which is distracting. The phone app is best worth not mentioning. Why make a phone app for your product that has ads in it? Otherwise a pretty good product but not built for longer than a year or two at max.

    6. Ordered these lights to replace a prior burned out set. My kitchen lacks sufficient light and these strip LED lights make a world of difference. They were shipped lightning fast and installation was a breeze. This strip is paper thin and the adhesive worked great. I plugged them right into a smart plug which made them voice controlled from any room, or my phone if I’m away. Don’t think i will use the app, maybe later.
      Remote worked well and I was able to test all the settings without any trouble. Ordered more as I am so pleased with them. Will add to other areas in my home.

    7. These worked really well. They offer enough light, the remote is responsive, and they were really easy to install. Because they’re light, the adhesion worked well.

    8. I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Tenmiro Led Lights for Bedroom, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed! This 100ft set, consisting of 2 rolls of 50ft each, is a game-changer when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere in any space.

      One of the standout features of these lights is the Music Sync technology. It’s like having your own personal light show that dances to the rhythm of your favorite tunes. Whether you’re hosting a party or just unwinding after a long day, the dynamic color changes and patterns that sync with the music add an extra layer of excitement to any room.

      The remote and app control options provide a convenient way to customize the lighting experience. The remote is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing you to change colors, adjust brightness, and choose from various modes effortlessly. The app control, on the other hand, opens up a world of possibilities. From setting schedules to creating your own custom color schemes, the app gives you complete control over your lighting setup.

      Installation is a breeze, thanks to the flexible and adhesive nature of the strips. The adhesive is strong enough to keep the lights securely in place, yet it doesn’t damage walls or surfaces when removed. The fact that the strips can be cut to fit any space makes them versatile for use in bedrooms, living rooms, or even as under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen.

      The RGB color spectrum is vibrant and true to life, providing a visually stunning experience. The brightness is adjustable, allowing you to create a subtle and cozy atmosphere or a lively and energetic vibe, depending on your mood and the occasion.

      I particularly appreciate the durability of these lights. The high-quality materials ensure a long lifespan, making them a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to enhance their home decor.

      In conclusion, the Tenmiro Led Lights for Bedroom are a fantastic addition to any living space. With their Music Sync technology, remote and app control options, easy installation, and vibrant color options, these lights offer an immersive and customizable lighting experience that will elevate the ambiance of your room or party to new heights. Highly recommended!

    9. I loved the length of it, I bought them for my camper for when I go camping or just want to hang out in it with my friends (because I live with my mom and she doesn’t bother me in there). It was really easy to hang up, it barely took any energy at all, unless you have to hang it up high than it might be a struggle on your arms for a little. I feel like it was definitely worth the amount, I thought I would need both the rolls, but I only used one. I again, got it to stick to the camper walls which we have had trouble with soo many different ones, and it was really awesome to be able to get it to stick without needing another type of adhesive. I’ll definitely buy again if needed!!

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