WYZE Cam Pan v3: The Ultimate Smart Security Camera for Your Home – A Review

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    • Indoor/Outdoor wired pan-and-tilt video camera with IP65 rating
    • Can be installed and used outside with Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter (sold separately)
    • Operates in -20°C to 50°C temperature range
    • Supports 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
    • Livestream in 1080p HD and control remotely using the Wyze app
    • Rotating motion-tracking feature follows and records moving objects
    • Smooth, quiet operation without noisy gearworks
    • Color night vision in environments up to 25x darker than traditional cameras
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    The Wyze Cam Pan v3 is hands down one of the best security camera purchases I have made. Not only does it offer top-notch features, but it also comes at an affordable price point. As someone who prefers to have control over their home security without monthly fees, this camera is a perfect solution.

    The setup process was a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly Wyze app, and connecting it to my Wi-Fi was seamless. The video quality is outstanding, delivering crisp and clear 1080p HD footage both during the day and night. The color night vision feature is particularly impressive, allowing me to capture detailed footage even in complete darkness.

    One of the standout features is the pan, tilt, and zoom functionality. With the ability to control the camera’s movement remotely from my phone, I can easily scan the entire room or monitor specific areas. This flexibility has eliminated the need for multiple cameras in larger spaces.

    The IP65 rating gives me peace of mind knowing that I can use this camera both indoors and outdoors without worrying about the elements. It is built to withstand rain, dust, and even snow. The motion and sound detection features work flawlessly, instantly sending alerts to my phone whenever any activity is detected.

    In terms of continuous recording, I opted for the 32GB MicroSD card (sold separately) which allows for seamless 24/7 video recording. It’s easy to access the recordings through the app or by connecting the MicroSD card to my computer.

    In conclusion, the Wyze Cam Pan v3 is a high-quality, feature-packed camera that rivals its more expensive competitors. From its exceptional video quality and night vision capabilities to its ease of use and reliability, it offers everything I need in a security camera at an unbeatable price.

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    8 thoughts on “WYZE Cam Pan v3: The Ultimate Smart Security Camera for Your Home – A Review

    1. What makes any camera good or bad? Most people would say ones 1080p or ones 4k. But even if you buy a 4k camera, if the software is trash or unfunctional, doesn’t have much support or customization, than your just so limited. I didn’t even know how extensive the software goes but if your reading this review don’t stop now just listen to this… so in the settings you can go under alarms, and enable this camera to detect the sound frequencies C02 alarms and fire alarms make and then send you alerts to your phone even if your gone… it can not just detect motion, but detect if it’s a person, pet, etc… which is also all time stamped and can be saved to a physical micro sd card, you can enable it to send you an alert if it detects crying, so say for a babies room? Or even if someone got hurt? There’s a privacy mode which just doesn’t turn the camera “off” where someone could still potentially see you, but the actually camera also tilts completely down looking at its base so you know your not being seen by anyone on the companies end. The list goes on and on like there’s also a subscription to home security as well which adds even more features and more customization, and I’d say you got this for just your cat or dog to keep an eye on them, you can set the detection settings to only capture motion of them and not send you alerts or waste storage picking up people walking around all the time. And that’s not even mentioning the pan mode which is so cool, because it doesn’t just look around your room randomly, you can set 4 different angles covering the exact areas you want it pan over, and then it will scan those areas every few seconds back and forth until it catches motions and then begins a recording session. So so so worth this extremely cheap price for a camera like this I would highly recommend this over anything else. I had a little “360” camera from Amazon before but it couldn’t fully turn around like this and had stuck points and had horrible software that I eventually stoped using.

    2. Sem dúvidas a mais de 3 meses de uso constante é uma câmera 📷 muito boa, grava os dados direto no cartão sempre que precisar pode baixar editar ou afins uso pra monitor de minha filha dia e noite no quarto lógico, tenho minhas dúvidas em saber se ela não é monitorada por terceiros pois não tem a opção de privacidade interna de desabilitar gravações ou aceso externo, então toda vez que vamos trocar a bebê, pomos no modo provação depois desligamos e ela volta ao normal com a gravação

    3. Verdaderamente la mejor compra, se mueven con el.movimiento, la definición de la camara es imcreible, tiene forma de hablarle al perro o persona y escucharlos, lo uuuuuuunico que no me encanto es que no son inalambricas pero de igual forma viene con todo para que lo taladres a la pared de alguna forma y el cable me parece suficientemente largo entonces yo la vdd si las recomiendo demasiado

    4. The new Wyze Cam Pan v3 has quickly become one of my favorite tech purchases this year. As someone who wants home security but doesn’t want to pay a monthly fee, this camera is absolutely perfect.
      It records locally to an SD card which you can see anytime or take it out and see the pictures/video on your computer.

      It was super easy to set up through the Wyze app and get connected to my wifi. The video quality is excellent – it’s 1080p HD, day or night. The night vision is especially impressive, providing clear footage up to 30 feet away in complete darkness.

      My favorite feature is the panning and tilting. You can completely control the camera’s movement from your phone and scan the whole area. This flexibility means I needed to buy fewer cameras to monitor large spaces.

      The IP65 rating also means I can use this camera indoors and outdoors with total peace of mind. It can handle rain, snow, dust, you name it. And the motion and sound detection features send instant alerts to my phone when something is happening. It also follows whatever it moves, and then returns to the preset position.

      At this price point, the Wyze Cam Pan is absolutely unmatched. It has all the features of cameras costing 2-3x more. If you want an easy-to-use and affordable home security solution, this camera should be at the top of your list!

    5. Bought the two pack because I needed to a solution to buying multiple cameras to monitor both the backyard and the driveway on both sides of the house. The price was right and the tech solution was perfect! Wyze makes excellent reasonably priced high tech products that rivals their competitors like NEST and Blink. With this camera you won’t be dissappointed.

      What I like about Wyze is their ease of connectivity and it syncs well in my wireless ecosystem with Google Home.. unlike Nest and Blink products.

      Pros: Quality well engineered camera. Easy to setup. Very high tech. Gives you a lot of options of waypoints to scan. Very smart when detecting objects and sound. Visual quality is excellent. Has an alarm and the mobile interface is of the highest quality.

      Cons: Too high tech at times!. Motion sensing detected rain drops and kept the camera pointing to the sky all day! Had to play around with the settings to get it to focus on the targeted areas. At times both cameras will over rotate and face the wall. Not good! When it does, it gets stuck and you have to reset it every couple of days so it can readjust.
      Can be inconsistent with what it captures. At times it will catch movement going in and out of the driveway and other times it ignores movement completely.
      Mounting it can be a pain also. Wyze should indicate on the camera where the rotation starts and ends. You have no idea and constantly have to be up and down the ladder adjusting the swivel so that the camera isn’t facing the wall once you mount it and it rotates. If you mount the camera with the base below it..the camera might pan down and the base blocks the viewing angle. When you mount the camera with the base above..the camera tends to over rotate and face the wall.

      This is only the 2nd version of this camera and I can see the tech only improving. Overall the camera is excellent and a must have. Wyze also needs to provide sell longer cords because where you’d install this camera would be at least more than 10 feet high. Had to buy a 3rd party power cord just to do the install.

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