Review: SAMSUNG Genuine Refrigerator Water Filter – Clean, Clear Drinking Water Guaranteed!

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    • SAMSUNG Genuine Filter for Refrigerator Water and Ice
    • Carbon block filtration reduces 99% of harmful contaminants
    • Provides fresh tasting water for your family
    • Designed to work with your refrigerator to avoid flooding
    • Authenticity can be verified using the Authentication Tag
    • Long-lasting use and easy installation
    • Compatible with Samsung French Door, Side by Side, or Bespoke Refrigerator
    • Product dimensions: 8.27 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches, item weight: 9 ounces
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      SAMSUNG Genuine Filter for Refrigerator Water and Ice

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      Fresh and Clean Water

      I recently purchased the SAMSUNG Genuine Filter for Refrigerator Water and Ice, and I must say that it has exceeded my expectations. Like many other users, I was looking for an exact match for my Samsung refrigerator filters, and this filter proved to be the perfect fit. Since installing it, my family has been enjoying fresh and great-tasting water.

      Effective Contaminant Reduction

      This Samsung filter uses an ultra-high-grade carbon block filtration system that reduces up to 99% of potentially harmful contaminants in the water. I could notice a significant improvement in the taste and odor of the water, making it a safer and healthier choice for my family.

      Genuine Samsung Quality

      One of the reasons I chose this filter was because it is a genuine Samsung product. I wanted to avoid any risks of water leakage or damage to my refrigerator, and this filter delivered on that aspect. It was incredibly easy to install, and I haven’t experienced any issues with it.

      Long-lasting and Reliable

      The long six-month life span of this Samsung filter is impressive. It ensures that I don’t have to worry about frequent replacements. Plus, the filter is compatible with various Samsung refrigerator models, including French Door, Side by Side, and Bespoke refrigerators.


      Overall, I highly recommend the SAMSUNG Genuine Filter for Refrigerator Water and Ice. It offers fresh, clean, and great-tasting water, thanks to its efficient carbon block filtration. Being a genuine Samsung product, it guarantees compatibility and reliable performance. With easy installation and long-lasting use, this filter is worth every penny.

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      ‎9 ounces

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      ‎8.27 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches

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      ‎Genuine Samsung Water Filter

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      13 thoughts on “Review: SAMSUNG Genuine Refrigerator Water Filter – Clean, Clear Drinking Water Guaranteed!

      1. We searched for an exact match for our Samsung refrigerator filters and chose this match. Not inexpensive, but easy to install and we have not had any problems with leaking, etc. works well.

      2. I wanted a genuine Samsung filter to replace my first one. This is not cheap but works great. Fits perfectly and water and ice taste great.

      3. We purchased this product every few months for our refrigerator. You can tell it is the OEM or factory and not a knock off because it’s got the special mag magnetic code on it that turns colors. Is it easy to order, easy to receive annd easy to install highly recommend.

      4. My local hardware store was out of Samsung filters for a while, so I bought the generic one at the store and I couldn’t even put the filter in! Found the Samsung one on Amazon and it took 3 seconds to install and works great!

      5. Fits well into my Samsung French door refrigerator . I’ve had it installed for some time and still no leaks in my refrigerator. Water tastes great, no problems will be ordering again when it’s time to change the filter.

      6. I brew beer and use the Samsung fridge ; filtered water to brew with. There is a quite a difference between regular tap and the filtered water, this thing visibly works. I’ve observed it in the pitcher and in the brew kettles. This filter is well worth it.

      7. I recently replaced my refrigerator’s water filter with the SAMSUNG Genuine Refrigerator Water Filter, and it has made a noticeable difference in the quality of the water and ice dispensed from my fridge. This genuine Samsung filter offers efficient carbon block filtration, removing harmful contaminants and ensuring clean and clear drinking water for my family.

        Effective Carbon Block Filtration (4/5):
        The standout feature of this refrigerator water filter is its efficient carbon block filtration technology. It is designed to remove up to 99% of harmful contaminants commonly found in tap water, including chlorine, lead, mercury, and more. The filtration process helps improve the taste and odor of the water, providing a refreshing and clean drinking experience.

        Genuine Samsung Quality (4/5):
        This water filter is a genuine Samsung product, ensuring that it meets the manufacturer’s quality and performance standards. It is specifically designed for Samsung refrigerators, guaranteeing a seamless fit and compatibility.

        6-Month Life (4/5):
        The SAMSUNG Genuine Refrigerator Water Filter has a recommended life of six months or after dispensing approximately 300 gallons of water, whichever comes first. This ensures that you have a continuous supply of clean and filtered water for an extended period before needing to replace the filter.

        Easy Installation (4/5):
        Installing the water filter is straightforward and requires no special tools. It comes with clear instructions, making it easy for anyone to replace the filter without the need for a technician.

        Improved Water Quality (4/5):
        After replacing my refrigerator’s water filter with the SAMSUNG Genuine filter, I noticed a significant improvement in the taste and quality of the water and ice. The water tastes fresher and lacks the chlorine aftertaste often present in tap water.

        Peace of Mind (4/5):
        Knowing that this water filter removes harmful contaminants and provides clean and clear drinking water adds peace of mind for me and my family. It ensures that we’re consuming safe and refreshing water with every glass.

        Overall Impression:
        In conclusion, the SAMSUNG Genuine Refrigerator Water Filter is a reliable and effective solution for improving the quality of your drinking water and ice. Its efficient carbon block filtration, genuine Samsung quality, and ease of installation make it an excellent choice for individuals seeking to enjoy clean and refreshing water from their refrigerator. Whether you’re filling up a glass, pitcher, or using the ice dispenser, this filter ensures that your water is free from common contaminants and maintains its natural taste. While it may not have some of the advanced features of premium water filtration systems, it excels in its ability to provide clean and clear drinking water with convenience and affordability. If you’re looking to enhance the quality of your refrigerator’s water and ice, the SAMSUNG Genuine Refrigerator Water Filter is a smart investment that brings both purity and satisfaction to your hydration needs.

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