Efficient Control and Durability: A Review of the BN-LINK Compact Outdoor Mechanical Timer

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    • Programmable in 15 minute intervals with 48 setting options in a 24-hour period
    • Waterproof for outdoor use with a protective cover
    • Two 3-prong grounded outlets for various devices
    • Easy mechanical timer setting with pins
    • ETL listed and conforms to UL Std. 917
    • Compact size and heavy-duty material
    • Rated for 125V, 15A Max, 1875W Resistive or General Purpose
    • Includes 15 months extended warranty
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    Review: BN-LINK Compact Outdoor Mechanical 24 Hour Programmable Dual Outlet Timer

    After reading several user reviews, I decided to purchase the BN-LINK Outdoor Mechanical Timer for my outdoor lighting needs. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and here is my review:


    • Easy to use and program: The timer allows for 48 setting options in a span of 24 hours, which gives me flexibility in scheduling my outdoor lights. The instructions provided were clear and the video tutorial available online was helpful in setting it up correctly.
    • Durable and waterproof: The timer is made of heavy-duty material and comes with a waterproof cover, ensuring its protection from weather conditions. This gives me peace of mind knowing that it can withstand harsh outdoor elements.
    • Dual outlet feature: I appreciate the convenience of having two 3-prong grounded outlets in the timer. This allows me to connect multiple devices, such as Christmas lights and patio lights, simultaneously.
    • ETL listed: The timer is ETL listed and conforms to UL Std. 917, assuring its safety and reliability. The battery backup feature is a plus, as it retains clock and program settings during power outages.


    • Inadequate instructions: While I found the instructions clear enough, some users mentioned that they found them to be wordy and confusing. Improving the instructions and providing more comprehensive guidance could benefit users.
    • Limited programming options: Some users expressed a desire for additional programming options beyond the standard Monday to Friday schedule. This could be an area for improvement to cater to a wider range of user needs.
    • Potential shipping delay: One user mentioned that their product arrived later than expected. Ensuring timely and accurate delivery could improve customer satisfaction.

    Overall, I am pleased with the BN-LINK Outdoor Mechanical Timer. Its ease of use, durability, and dual outlet feature make it a reliable choice for controlling my outdoor devices. I appreciate the added safety features and look forward to its lasting performance in the years to come.

    Additional information



    Part Number


    Item Weight

    ‎10.2 ounces

    Product Dimensions

    ‎3 x 2.25 x 11.5 inches

    Country of Origin


    Item model number

    ‎Compact Outdoor

    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer





    ‎Heavy Duty





    Power Source



    ‎125 Volts


    ‎1875 watts

    Amperage Capacity

    ‎15 Amps

    Installation Method

    ‎plug in

    Item Package Quantity


    Number Of Pieces


    Extension Length

    ‎6 Inches

    Mounting Type

    ‎Plug-In Mount

    Plug Format

    ‎B – US style with ground plug.


    ‎UL, ETL

    Special Features


    Included Components

    ‎Mechanical Timer

    Batteries Included


    Batteries Required


    Warranty Description

    ‎15 months extended warranty.

    13 thoughts on “Efficient Control and Durability: A Review of the BN-LINK Compact Outdoor Mechanical Timer

    1. Its simple and does its job well. The only thing that I didnt like about this transaction was that it was not shipped when it was said to be shipped at time of purchase. When I enquired about it with customer service they assured me that this would be corrected and it would arrive as expected, but it didnt. It shipped and arrived 2 days later. I dont appreciate being lied to.

    2. Turns ON my normally ‘always on’ commercial Bunn Coffee Maker at 6:30AM – Then ‘Turns it OFF’ a few hours later to save energy. Perfect. It is capable of setting 8 separate ON/OFF schedules, and has a Vacation ‘randomizer’ feature (not tested). Best thing for me – it has a ‘battery backup’, which retains clock and program settings duing power failures (or when my cleaning person unplugs my coffee pot & timer). Hopefully it holds up for at least a year or two (hell they really don’t cost that much anyway). I would be more concerned if using this ‘digital version’ of the timer – outdoors – and would go with the ‘mechanical’ version of this timer instead (which I also own) and also reccomend. If you plan to use this for continuous high wattage, big draw appliances/motors – check to make sure timer casing and plug aren’t getting too warm. Timer is not UL tested/listed – but it is supposedly ETL listed – but I didn’t verify.

    3. Love this mechanical / no app timer for my outdoor Christmas lights! Easy to setup and works like a charm! Best of all, it doesn’t need an app or any more electronics that are certain to fail. The mechanical timer has a simple design and I expect it will last for years!

    4. Connected up as soon as I got it, and it is working great. Lights I have connected turned on that set time with no issue. Programming it was easy and although I was a bit trigger happy, I did refer to the manual. So if you are quick and in a hurry like myself, be sure to check the manual to make sure you are setting things correctly. The Manual mode was still activated after I programmed and if I hadn’t changed it to Auto by holding the button, my set timing would’ve never kicked on and I would’ve been blaming the product. So, be sure to read the guide as it is easy and helpful.

    5. Titre : “BN-LINK Minuteur Numérique Programmable : Contrôle Total, Même en Extérieur !”

      Hello Amazon adeptes de l’automatisation ! Juste un mot sur le minuteur numérique programmable BN-LINK. C’est l’outil robuste pour un contrôle total de vos appareils extérieurs, et voilà pourquoi.

      Avec une programmation sur 7 jours, c’est la flexibilité totale pour automatiser l’allumage et l’extinction de vos équipements. Résistant aux intempéries, il fonctionne même dans les conditions les plus difficiles.

      La double prise permet de contrôler deux appareils simultanément. Avec une capacité de 1875 W et 1/2 HP, c’est la puissance que vous attendiez.

      BN-LINK, c’est la solution fiable pour gérer l’énergie en extérieur, en toute simplicité.

    6. Very happy with the digital timer. The video made it very simple to set up, and it turns on and off according to my settings. I bought 2, one for my Christmas lights in the front yard, and one for my gazebo lights in the back yard. 100% recommend this product, so much better than the dial timers, plus it has a build in battery backup for if/when the hydro goes out!

    7. The media could not be loaded.

       Me da la impresión que va a durar años en la intemperie. Fácil de programar.

    8. I like the size and ease of use of this timer. Outdoor timers can sometimes be bulky but this one is compact and fits where I needed. Been in use a couple of weeks now with no issues. I bought two – so I’ll be putting the other one on holiday lights in a different spot – hopefully with same positive results!

    9. Easy to use indoors and outdoors. I like the weather proof cover. After purchasing and liking the first one I ordered a second. The second one came with soft plastic inserts for the two outer receptacles. Not sure if these are needed or why they didn’t come with the first, but I don’t see them mentioned or pictured in the description so I didn’t deduct a star. I have a programmable timer that I have used for years. This one is easier to use and I can set the pins inside the warm house! Time will tell if it lasts as long.

    10. instructions are inadequate, yet very wordy.
      at least two places a paragraph is repeated.
      but that effort should have gone into more complete instructions.. FOR INSTANCE:
      Must be in the proper mode or all your program efforts are wasted.
      Also to enter a program when timer is in
      some other status, you must just wait and do nothing for 3 minutes, and it will shift back into RUN mode, then you can press PROG
      and start entering your times.
      If you press RESET you start over again,
      cause it all gets wiped.
      I’ve programmed fifty different types of
      weekly thermostats.. none of them were this obtuse/inscrutable/dumb.
      All that aside, it works well and i 𝘸𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥 buy
      it again.. but i suspect many people would
      stick it back in the box and return it IF they
      needed other than the standard Mon-Fri.
      FOR INSTANCE: to change the time (daylight savings time) at any point, you can press
      HOUR or MINUTE and reset the time..
      Dumb instructions do not tell you that.
      The DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME instructions don’t actually work.
      During power outage, timer will remember
      your settings (No idea how long.. hours/days?)
      There are preset DAY programs (sun-sat, mon-Fri, tue-thurs, and 7 individual days.
      To set up Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sat… you need to
      make 5 programs, one for each day. BUT
      at least that is an option, and i got lots
      of programming practice doing it over and over and over.

    11. El producto es tal y cual aparece en la imagen, funcional para el área de exterior. Lo uso en el jardín y el timer se protege perfecto VS el riego. Le doy 10/10 al producto. Fácil de usar

    12. I watched the videos before buying, so I knew how it worked when it arrived. I plugged my heater into it, plugged the timer into the wall, and pushed three little pins down. The heater came on in a few minutes, it ran for 45 minutes, then it shut off. This is exactly what I wanted. Now I can put the heater on, go to bed, and the heater will shut off in 45 minutes. Goal reached, mission accomplished.

    13. Este temporizador funciona perfectamente, cuenta con varias funciones muy útiles, muy fácil de configurar siguiendo con detenimiento las instrucciones incluidas. Ampliamente recomendable.

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