Review: Medical King Solar Eclipse Glasses (10 pack) – A Safe and Certified Choice for Direct Sun Viewing

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    • Certified safe shades for direct solar viewing
    • Meets industry standards (CE and ISO certified)
    • Suitable for teens and adults
    • Can be worn over prescription glasses
    • Filters out harmful light (IR, UV, and 99.99% of visible light)
    • Each pack contains 10 glasses
    • Share with friends and loved ones
    • Enjoy viewing solar eclipses in complete safety
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      Review: Medical king Solar Eclipse Glasses (10 pack)


      • The lens are extremely dark, allowing for perfect viewing of the eclipse
      • Easy to use and comfortable to wear for both adults and teens
      • Certified safe shades for direct solar viewing, meeting industry standards
      • Filters out harmful light, protecting eyes from IR, UV, and visible light
      • Excellent value with 10 glasses per pack, perfect for sharing


      • The fit may be a little short from the glasses to the ears for some individuals

      I bought these Medical King Solar Eclipse Glasses for the upcoming 2024 solar eclipse. The packaging was well done and they arrived on time. The lens were incredibly dark, which initially worried me, but once I looked at the sun, the eclipse was perfectly visible and I felt my eyes were safely protected. Even my grandchildren were able to use them with a little assistance, so I would recommend getting the children’s size for younger ones.

      I also appreciate the fact that these glasses meet industry standards and are certified safe for direct solar viewing. They are made with high-quality materials and use solar safe filter technology, which filters out harmful light and ensures a safe viewing experience. It’s reassuring to know that they are designed to shield our eyes from infrared, ultraviolet, and 99.99% of visible light.

      With 10 glasses in each pack, these are an excellent value. I distributed them among friends and loved ones so that we can all enjoy the eclipse together. In the past, I’ve found it difficult to find solar glasses closer to the event, so it’s great to have them in advance. Plus, I discovered that the certifications listed on the glasses are approved by NASA, so they are valid for future solar events as well.

      The only minor issue I encountered was that the fit was a little short from the glasses to my ears, but since I only plan to wear them for a few minutes at a time, it’s not a significant problem.

      Overall, I highly recommend these Medical King Solar Eclipse Glasses. They provide a safe and clear view of the sun during eclipses and other solar events. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the amazing sight of a total eclipse with these reliable and affordable glasses!

      13 thoughts on “Review: Medical King Solar Eclipse Glasses (10 pack) – A Safe and Certified Choice for Direct Sun Viewing

      1. Bought this for the solar eclipse in 2023 and handed them out to the rest of the family. They worked great. Got them in time and now I have them for the 2024 eclipse!

      2. My son’s birthday is April 8th when we will be in the path of totality, I can’t review how well they work until then but they’re made of good material and it looks like a good value for my money.
        Update we used them on October 14th to view the partial eclipse and they worked great.

      3. I was worried because I couldn’t see through them at all. The eclipse was easily and safely seen through these. They worked perfectly. Good price as well.

      4. I bought these for the 2024 solar eclipse. We bought a similar pair from a local science museum around 6 years ago for a different solar event and ended up sharing the one pair we had with everyone near us. I wanted to get more this time so that we can give these away or lend out more when we get to the actual event. The cost is really great and I like how they are very compact so it’s easy to store for the next time.

        I looked into the certification listed for these, and confirmed on NASA’s website that these certifications are fine for looking at the sun and that they don’t expire. In previous years with solar events, I found that it was always hard to find solar glasses the closer you get to the event. So go ahead and save these for the next one too.

        My only complaint is that it is a little short from the glasses to my ears (I don’t think I have a large head either). Not really a huge problem as I only plan to wear this for a few minutes at a time though. Still, it would be nicer/more comfortable if it fit an adult head a bit better. Overall, this should work well for what I need (viewing the sun and not damaging my eyes) and should last for multiple solar events.

      5. These Eclipse glasses are fantastic. The lens were so dark You could not see anything until you looked at the sun. The eclipse could be seen perfectly. Even my grandchildren could use them (with a little assistance). Next time I will get the children’s size They were very comfortable. Easy to put on and take off. Excellent value. Will definitely buy again.

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