Efficient and Versatile: A Review of the Prolux Core Floor Buffer – Heavy Duty Single Pad Commercial Floor Polisher and Tile Scrubber

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    • Prolux Core is a heavy-duty floor cleaner with a 5-year warranty
    • Features include a 50 ft. extension cord, adjustable handle, large rubber wheels for easy transportation, and simultaneous scrubbing in both directions for a deeper clean
    • Suitable for any floor surface, including tile, it can scrub, strip, wax, buff, sand, polish, clean, and refinish
    • Uses a random orbit motor to prevent swirls and damage to floors
    • Deluxe version includes multiple cleaning pads for different floor surfaces
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      My Review for the Prolux Core Floor Buffer

      I recently purchased the Prolux Core Floor Buffer and I must say, I am extremely satisfied with its performance!

      Firstly, the build quality of this machine is exceptional. It feels sturdy and well-made, which gives me confidence that it will last for a long time.

      I have used it on various floor surfaces, including tile and hardwood, and it has exceeded my expectations every time. The adjustable handle makes it comfortable to use, and the large rubber wheels make it easy to maneuver.

      The random orbit motor is a game-changer. It cleans in both directions, avoiding swirl marks and damage to the floors. I have noticed a significant improvement in the cleanliness and shine of my floors since using the Prolux Core.

      The included pads are of high quality and work well for different floor surfaces. The only downside is that it was difficult to find replacement pads in the exact size, but I managed to find alternative options that work just fine.

      In terms of performance, this machine does it all – from scrubbing and stripping to waxing and polishing. It has even proven to be effective in removing old stains. The only area where it falls slightly short is sanding, as the instructions didn’t offer much guidance. However, with a bit of trial and error, I managed to find a solution.

      Overall, I highly recommend the Prolux Core Floor Buffer to anyone in need of a heavy-duty, reliable floor cleaner. It may have a few minor quirks, but its performance and durability make it a worthwhile investment.

      Additional information



      Part Number


      Item Weight

      ‎28 pounds

      Product Dimensions

      ‎15 x 10 x 31 inches

      Country of Origin


      Item model number



      ‎13 inch


      ‎2. W, Hard Brush and 4 Pads


      ‎Prolux Core + Pad Set

      Power Source



      ‎250 watts


      ‎150 RPM

      Special Features

      ‎pad upgrade options, large cleaning radius, telescopic wand



      Included Components


      Batteries Included


      Batteries Required


      9 thoughts on “Efficient and Versatile: A Review of the Prolux Core Floor Buffer – Heavy Duty Single Pad Commercial Floor Polisher and Tile Scrubber

      1. * I don’t often write reviews
        I read all the reviews across Amazon, Walmart and Homedepot and they were either hit or miss. Every one was happy or its junk….. So I was hesitant to buy this. My wife recently took the lease on a large store that needed lots of help. I talked to the previous tenant who moved 4 stores down, he said they haven’t finished the VCT floors since he had been in the shop and he had the lease for 7 years. It was previously a discount cigarette and dollar store. HEAVY foot traffic, with deep embedded stains and ground in dirt.
        I ordered the machine and pad kit last week and it arrived last night. Although I am not ready to do the floors until this coming weekend, I can’t wait to play with new toys. I took it to the shop last night, unboxed it, slapped on the brown scouring pad and went at a couple of the worst spots. Again, this floor hasn’t been finished in 7 years, and judging by the condition of the old tenants new store, probably hadn’t been mopped either. I used a little powdered Spic an Span with bleach in hot water and did a couple areas roughly 4’x4′ just to test.
        This machine handles great! for everyone saying the “Pad doesn’t stay on”, make sure the tabs line up between the motor head and backing plate. Turn the machine on, and gently guide the handle, letting the buffer do all the work swinging it side to side at the machines own pace. I worked side to side with overlapping each pass, then turned 90 degree and did the patch again. Mopped up with hot water and GOD DAMN!! I thought we were going to have to replace this floor. I took before and after photos of my spot treatments that I will add later. I will add photos and update my review after I strip and polish the other 3,000 square feet.
        Once my main floor is done I will move to the basement with the stiff brush head and clean the concrete prior to have the floors painted. That is another sad looking area that I have high hopes for.

        This unit is small, it will take a little time to do my areas, but to have the ability to strip my floors and then buff them as often as I would like, when ever I would like, with out having to go to home depot to rent a machine makes it worth it. I am also looking forward to be able to try and dry clean wall to wall carpets.

      2. We used the machine Would make a good machine for light household use. The features advertized with this machine are adequately sufficient for light duty use.I recommend this machine to those that need a good household quality machine.

      3. This unit is perfect for home use! Not too big and super easy to operate. My wife was able to use it and control it without any problems. It does a great job of cleaning our floors!

      4. Quality of this product is worth the money. It is also small enough in diameter to be used in a house. The pads are easy to swap, and it does a great job. Assembly is easy, but the heavy duty motor makes it a bit heavy for some.

      5. I love the buffing feature. The ability to cleaning really old stains..so-so. The disappointment was with sanding. Although it was advertised in several places as a sander, there were no instructions other than using the scrubbing pad. Thru trial and error and wasting money, I finally found a solution; 13″ stick on sanding disk which worked pretty good. It was easy to maneuver, but being a 61 year old lady I can’t call it light weight! I struggled to get it around when it was not engaged. Also, I found it a little difficult to release the handle with my foot while also pulling it down into “ON” position without turning it over. Only because we have decks and such to clean, I keeping it…otherwise I would have rented a machine to sand my floor.

      6. We purchased the Prolux floor buffer to refinish the concrete floors in our house. The machine worked well, so no complaints there. The instructions however, though humorously written, didn’t contain enough information on the actual use of the buffer, specifics on how to use it for various applications. The other thing we found very frustrating is that the pad holder doesn’t actually connect to the machine. Because of this, every time you tilt the buffer on to its wheels to move it, the pad and pad holder fall off. Other than those two things, we found the buffer to be a good investment.

      7. We have cement floors in our basement.
        We tried mopping them, using a scrub brush thing on them, and several other products but either did not hold up to the wear and tear of frequent usage or they just did not work at all.
        When I was in the Navy we used similar floor scrubbers to clean and polish everything from tile floors to diamond deck flooring on the ships…
        This is very sturdy and it does a great jog both scrubbing and polishing or cement floor…!
        One thing I will mention…
        If you have never used one of these then it take a little getting used to how to operate it.
        There is a special kind of motion that is used to make it glide back and forth.
        It’s difficult to explain you just kind of need to feel your way into it.
        Once you have this mastered, which is not difficult, then it’s very easy to use.
        I would recommend this to anyone.

      8. Lo usé para abrillantar piso de mármol y lo hizo bastante bien. Tomen en cuenta que no soy un profesional y seguramente mi técnica no fué la mejor; pero el piso mejoró su aspecto. Un problema es que las allmohadilla de microfibra que usá este equipo no las he podido conseguir en Amazon, pues son de 13″. Tendré que probar con unas de 12″ que es’tan disponibles de la marca Oreck

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