The Ultimate Cordless Solution for Sparkling Hardwood Floors: A Review of the Tineco Floor ONE S3

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    • Tineco Floor ONE S3 is a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner for multi-surface cleaning
    • It features iLoop smart sensor technology to detect wet/dry messes and adjust suction power and water flow accordingly
    • Self-propelled and time-saving, it vacuums and washes sealed hard floors at the same time
    • It has a 5-in-1 self-cleaning system to keep hands clean and maintain freshness and odor-free environment
    • The LED display, app connectivity, and voice assistant provide monitoring and control of cleaning performance
    • The machine should use Tineco solution for long-term use to avoid damage
    • It has a 35-minute runtime and a charging time of 300 minutes
    • The product dimensions are 11.3″L x 10″W x 43.3″H and it weighs 17.64 pounds
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      Review for Tineco Floor ONE S3 Cordless Hardwood Floors Cleaner


      • Lightweight and compact design
      • Efficiently picks up pet hair, dirt, and debris
      • Self-cleaning feature makes it easy to maintain
      • Great for large areas and homes with pets
      • Cleans and dries floors quickly


      • Difficult to clean the machine thoroughly
      • Expensive Tineco solution required for optimal performance
      • Not ideal for cleaning edges and corners
      • Limited battery life (up to 35 minutes)
      • Expensive liquid cleaner

      Overall Review:

      This Tineco Floor ONE S3 is a lightweight and compact floor cleaner that is ideal for hardwood floors. It effectively picks up pet hair, dirt, and debris, making it perfect for homes with pets. The self-cleaning feature is a game-changer, as it allows for easy maintenance and ensures a hygienic cleaning experience. The machine does a great job of cleaning and drying the floors quickly, saving time and effort. However, it can be challenging to thoroughly clean the machine itself, and using the Tineco solution can add to the overall cost. Additionally, it may not reach the edges and corners as effectively. The battery life is decent, but it may not be sufficient for larger cleaning tasks. The liquid cleaner required for optimal performance is quite expensive. Overall, if you prioritize convenience and efficient cleaning, this Tineco floor cleaner is worth considering.

      Additional information



      Special Feature

      Lightweight, Wet, Dry

      Filter Type


      Included Components

      Cleaning tool

      Is Cordless



      0.6 Gallons


      220 watts


      35 minutes

      Charging Time

      300 minutes

      Form Factor

      Wet/dry vacuums


      Grey, White, Black

      Model Name

      Floor ONE S3

      Product Dimensions

      11.3"L x 10"W x 43.3"H

      Noise Level

      78 dB


      3.6 Amps



      Number of Items


      Controller Type

      App Control

      Control Method



      Floor ONE S3

      Cleaning Path Width

      9 Inches

      Item Weight

      17.64 pounds

      Country of Origin


      Item model number

      Floor One S3


      1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

      Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


      Date First Available

      March 9, 2020

      7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cordless Solution for Sparkling Hardwood Floors: A Review of the Tineco Floor ONE S3

      1. This is going to be a long but honest review! Be prepared lol! I’ll start with the positives and then move into some of the negatives of this floor cleaner.

        Some context (might be irrelevant to you):
        I have 3 indoor short-haired dogs that shed mildly. I also have 2 indoor cats. The square footage of the flooring in my house that I can use this on is about 1300 square feet or more. Our flooring is linoleum. We live on a farm so we track in a lot of dirt and debris daily.

        The good stuff:
        I love the lightweight design! It’s compact so it can easily be stored and carried around. It also slides fairly easily under the edges of furniture. It is also not too terribly loud when running, about the same as a roomba or smaller battery-operated vacuum cleaner. The noise doesn’t bother my dogs! It picks up SO MUCH dog hair, which I love! Traditional sweeping or even vacuuming doesn’t seem to be that effective, so this is amazing for that. It also does great at picking up dirt and debris from the floor. I have tried it on super big messes, just everyday things. It also cleans first paw prints and shoe prints off the floor very well. It’s self-propelled, so I don’t feel like I have to push it around incessantly and throw out my shoulder to clean. Very easy to use. I love the voice commands when self-cleaning. Let’s be honest – the self-cleaning is AMAZING! The battery life lasts to clean my 1300 square foot space, hitting all the major spots. I’m sure if I deep cleaned and moved furniture, it might not. I love that it doesn’t require a ton of cleaning solution so you don’t feel like you have to break the bank. To clean the floors and run the cleaning cycle uses about two clean water tanks. So I generally have to refill at least once during a cleaning period. The app is pretty neat to use too! One of my favorite things is how fast it dries! Typically, for whatever reason, our floors take a long time to dry when traditionally mopping them. This sucker dries so quick! It makes cleaning so much faster.

        The negatives:
        The clean water tank is not super big, so you have to refill it at least once when cleaning a larger space and also to run the self-cleaning cycle. The self-cleaning cycle has voice prompts, so you can’t necessarily turn on the self-cleaning cycle and walk away and let it do its thing. You might have to refill the clean water tank or empty the dirty water tank, etc. Obviously it has to be plugged up to charge, so it has to be near an outlet after use. This keeps it from being able to be stored in a linen closet or something when not in use. I live in a double-wide mobile home that has a piece of wood that acts as a seam binder in the middle of our floor (annoying, I know). This machine doesn’t necessarily love that piece of wood and it’s kind of hard to clean around. On that note, it also doesn’t get around the edges of walls and cabinets very well. The suction isn’t hard enough to get any debris around trim work. If you’re moving it sideways along the wall, it picks up things fairly well. However, if you’re getting close to trim or cabinets from the front of the machine, it doesn’t get super close to the edges. When you turn it off after use and it stops spinning the brush, it leaks a little bit on the floor. I’ve gotten to where I make my way back to the self-cleaning pad and just place it on that so it doesn’t mess up the clean floors. Charging takes a little while (I plugged it up at 20% and the app told me it had 170 minutes remaining until fully charged), but it’s not too bad if you’re using it sparingly and not multiple times a day back-to-back. This would be annoying, however, if you’re cleaning a larger space and had to charge in between cleaning spaces.

      2. Nos encantó. Ahorra muchisima agua (aprox 3 lt para toda la casa) y tiempo pasamos de limpiar la casa (170 m^2) de casi hora y media a 20 min, el piso queda muy limpio y es muy practica de usar. La bateria nos da muy justa para toda la casa dura 20 min a lo mucho y tarda 4 horas en cargar

        Lo malo es que el liquido limpiador que el manual te pide explicitamente que uses es carisimo $800 pesos mexicanos (08-ene-21) por medio litro, aunque solo usas una tapita por cada medio litro de agua. No hay servicio en México aún.

      3. The media could not be loaded.

         La compré porque tengo una bebe de 9 meses y hacemos BLW y está aspiradora es un must para cuando empiezas la alimentación complementaria. Sin embargo la uso todos los días dos veces al día y deja mis oídos hermosos. Tire mi escoba y trapeador porque de verdad te ahorra mucho tiempo y toda la chamba de primero barrer y luego trapear. Hubo un día que se me olvidó cargarla y de verdad no vuelvo a trapear en la vida! Sobre todo con esas basuritas y cabellos sueltos molestas que la escoba no recoge y el trapeador solo las pases. Bueno adiós a esos problemas porque con este electrodoméstico los absorberá y después te limpiará el piso al mismo tiempo

      4. I have owned a few different hardwood floor cleaning machines over the last couple decades. They all clean the floors, never had one that failed to do what they were intended to do, but they all have the one issue that I just can’t deal with – too difficult to clean the actual machine. This Tineco is pretty cool. it has a self cleaning feature. And if you just follow the few simple steps, it’s really quite easy and you can see that it’s actually clean with the see through tanks. Some of the other machines you can’t get into the crevices of the parts and you can’t tell what’s going on behind parts and pieces until it really begins to smell. This one is pretty simple when it comes to parts, but the engineering behind it is very impressive. So you simply remove the dirty water tank and easily rinse that, then you put it back on the vacuum and turn on the cleaning mode. I will say that was pretty incredible to watch! Then you easily snap off the roller cleaner cover and wipe that down, and lift up the just cleaned roller bar itself and pull off any hairs wrapped around the bar just as you would when cleaning a regular vacuum cleaner. Then you let the roller bar air dry until the next use. And finally you rinse out the dirty tank again. It took me maybe 20 minutes to figure out the cleaning steps the first couple times, but now I can get it done in a little over 5 minutes!

        As for the cleaning of the floors, it has a nice self-propelled motor and you just move it back-and-forth. On areas that are a little dirty visually I just move it a little slower so the roller brush rotates over it additional times. Some people mention that it leaves behind a lot of water, I have hardwood floors and i’m telling you the water is dried on the one side before I can even get to the other side of the room. And it does a pretty good job of cleaning up dried up dirty spots. I have a couple cats and they can’t seem to keep their food down. I would never use this to vacuum up the actual vomit (though I bet it could do that) but I do use it to clean up the remaining dried up liquid spots that they leave behind when I’m not around. I’ve also been able to clean up dried food spills under the kitchen table, again not chunks, just sticky grimy liquid spills that leave residue behind.

        I’ve only had this machine for a week, if I find any other issues in the next nonth or two, I’ll leave a second review!

      5. La súper mega recomiendo limpia fácil muy bien trapeador no deja mojado, no tira agua
        Tengo 3 perros y limpia las patas marcadas en el piso, no deja pegajoso al terminar puedes pasar una servilleta en el piso y comprobar que si está limpio

        Es cierto no limpia muy bien las orillas deja un espacio como de 2 dedos pero no importa por qué ayuda bastante al día a día no es lo mismo pasar un trapeador y limpiar únicamente las orillas que todo el piso

        Yo si, la recomiendo. A mi si que me ayuda ya que las mascotas hacen un desorden con el piso


      6. Se volvió la nueva alegría del hogar. Es muy fácil de usar. Efectivamente no es económica, pero si pones costo al tiempo que le inviertes a barrer y trapear, el costo del ortopedista para que arregle el dolor de espalda que queda después, lo que pagas a alguien más por hacerlo y lo que vale tu salud y buen humor… se paga sola.
        Tenemos nuevo cachorro en casa y esta maravilla nos ha facilitado inmensamente el trabajo que implica entrenarlo, sus travesuras y demás. Mi casa limpia en un momento, mi cocina limpia durante las fiestas con todo y el caos. ¿Alguien tiró refresco? En 10 segundos limpias y en 20 segundos está seco. ¿El perro llenó de lodo? En unos minutos está limpio de nuevo.
        No emiten factura, pero registras tu equipo en su página y activas sus 2 años de garantía.
        Aún si dejara de funcionar terminando la garantía, la volvería a comprar.
        El líquido limpiador es muy caro en México, pero no es necesario ponerle todo el tiempo; puedes usarla con agua y guardar el líquido para cuando de verdad está sucio. El chiste es que no se debe usar limpiador que haga espuma.
        Con todo y eso, la recomiendo 1000%

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