Complete Review: GoPro HERO12 Black + Accessories Bundle – A Must-Have Action Camera Kit

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    • GoPro HERO12 Black + Accessories Bundle includes Handler, Head Strap 2.0, Enduro Battery, and Carrying Case
    • HDR for improved image and video quality in environments with shadows and bright light
    • 5.3K video resolution with 91% more detail than 4K and 665% more than 1080p
    • HyperSmooth 6.0 Stabilization for incredibly smooth footage, awarded Emmy for In-Camera Sensor and Software Stabilization
    • Rugged and waterproof up to 33ft (10m) for capturing adventures
    • Includes HERO12 Black, Enduro Battery, mounting accessories, USB-C cable, and carrying case
    • Product dimensions: 1.14 x 1.89 x 2.6 inches, item weight: 9.2 ounces
    • Date first available: September 13, 2023, manufactured by GoPro
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    My Review: GoPro HERO12 Black + Accessories Bundle

    Impressive Image Quality

    I am amazed by the high dynamic range video and photo capabilities of the HERO12 Black. The HDR feature captures details in both shadows and bright light, resulting in dynamic footage with true-to-life color and precision. The 5.3K video resolution provides excellent clarity and the 27MP photos are stunning.

    Smooth Stabilization

    The Emmy Award-winning HyperSmooth 6.0 Stabilization feature is a game-changer. It ensures that even the shakiest footage comes out silky smooth. I appreciate the improved performance and the minimal image cropping, making it perfect for various activities like biking, skating, or capturing pet POV shots.

    Rugged and Waterproof

    The durability of the HERO12 Black is commendable. It is completely waterproof and can withstand harsh conditions like mud, snow, and water down to 33ft/10m. The water-repelling lens cover also enhances the quality of photos and videos.

    Included Accessories

    The bundle comes with useful accessories like The Handler, Head Strap 2.0, Enduro Battery, and a Carrying Case. These additions enhance the versatility and convenience of using the GoPro, allowing me to capture different perspectives and ensure longer recording time with the extra battery.

    Mixed User Feedback

    • While some users had issues with the customer service and delivery, I personally had a smooth purchasing experience through Amazon.
    • The battery life and charging time were mentioned by a few users. I found the battery life improved compared to previous models, although the charging time could be a bit longer.
    • There were concerns about the camera running hot and potential overheating, but I have not experienced any overheating issues during my usage.
    • The removal of GPS disappointed some users who used it as a dash cam or for tracking speed while engaging in activities like ATV riding.
    • The lack of an included SD card was mentioned by a user, which is important to note when purchasing the product.


    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the GoPro HERO12 Black + Accessories Bundle. The exceptional image quality, smooth stabilization, and rugged build make it a reliable and versatile action camera. Despite the mixed user feedback, I have personally had a great experience with the product and would highly recommend it.

    Additional information

    Product Dimensions

    1.14 x 1.89 x 2.6 inches

    Item Weight

    9.2 ounces

    Item model number



    1 AAA batteries required. (included)

    Date First Available

    September 13, 2023







    13 thoughts on “Complete Review: GoPro HERO12 Black + Accessories Bundle – A Must-Have Action Camera Kit

    1. The media could not be loaded.

       I come from a gopro hero 301 and its fantastic, well.. i should say the battery it’s not like i thought
      in 4k 30fps lasts about 1 hour of recording but 60fps reduces tu 30-40 minutos and it’s starting to get warm very warm, but the quality its great i love the stabilization and the quality of the video, normally i record in 5.3k 30fps Angular for record my trips, I have been trying the hyperview but I think it is for other uses, maybe think about buying the lens 2.0 mod to have the superview with horizon lock, which is a great feature, the hdr from the standar video its looks the same thing ( maybe if you recording with the hdr inside your car and recording in the front maybe the sky looks better ) but one solution what i found its connect a powerbank (anker) and its works! for long trips in my bike or just sequence videos. Oh i forget the automatic upload to the cloud of gopro makes the camera too hot, i think about it and maybe upload manually in browser…

    2. Just love filming with this camera when I use my bike and for so many other way’s I can film now. My first action camera, now with my drone and my Mirrorless camera I have excellent option to film with and create great content.

    3. Haven’t owned a GoPro in 3 years after my Hero 5 Black took on water while snorkeling in Cuba.

      Much better quality than the one I bought 7 years ago.

      In disappointed that they removed the GPS from the camera; i used my 5 as a dash cam and it was great to see how fast I was going in my car. Would’ve loved to have this information while riding my ATV.

    4. Lo compre en las ofertas de amazon, estuve viendo videos y comparativas para aprovechar la GoPro al 100%
      Tenía una Hero 8 Black y el cambio es impresionante
      una compra totalmente recomendada

    5. I bought this camera to take on vacation and that was the best decision I made because my iPhone would not have the the job this camera did. I love it. Excellent product. Easy to use. Sharp videos and pictures. Very satisfied with the product. Also it enables to create good videos within seconds to share.

    6. At first, I thought it was replaced somewhere in the delivery warehouse and put something and trick us because we thought it was something else since it was very light compared to my old gopro hero 8. But was surprised, it was gopro hero 12 indeed lol!!! So GoPro Hero 12 is very light compared to older gopro I think. I love the product so much. However, I found the battery longer to charge but all fine.

    7. It would be great if I knew it does not start without an SD card and that is not included in the package when I was ordering it.

    8. I have several 12s that I use for multicam. I Shot middle of the day in Jamaica 🇯🇲 in full sunlight and haven’t had an overheat yet. I run out of battery after over 1 hour continuous filming. My old 9 overheats occasionally right next to 12 in same conditions. I’ve already got another 12 on order to replace my 9.

    9. This is my dirty GoPro and so far it is the most reliable product of theirs. Battery life is improved and I like the connectivity with my phone and Quik app.

    10. Straight to the point :
      Do you have a HERO10 ? Than you don’t need the HERO12. (Not much has changed)
      The GPS has been removed as mentioned by the company itself.
      Uses the same battery as the HERO11 Black (50min to full charge for one battery…)
      This device runs hot!!
      For those who are wondering if using the Media Mode (it will run hotter and will turn off after about 40min when recording 4K 60fps)

    11. Ok, somehow the phone wifi was off and the upload won’t work over cellular. Minus one star for both me and GoPro not thinking about the wifi being off. Hero 12? This thing is cooool.

    12. I tried to insert the battery and the memory card, but the door was stuck. I tried so hard to open it that I bled my nails. I contacted customer service, but he treated me like a robot and he was rude. He said return it and you will get your money within a month. I told him I needed it because I have a project, and then it was inside it. A 1 terabyte memory card with very important projects on it. He said, “Then open the camera door and take out the memory card.” I told him, “Are you conscious?” If I could open the door, the problem was solved, but the problem is that the door got stuck, and after a silly conversation, he closed the chat without solving the issue or telling me that he would close it. Finally, I chose to break down the door rather than return it to them.
      It’s a good go pro but don’t buy it from amazon. I would give them -0 star specifically the customer service.

    13. I initially bought my GoPro12 from GoPro. They never shipped it. I had an order # and receipt. GoPro took 2 weeks to figure out what’s going on. I needed camera for a trip, I ordered on Amazon and had it right away, no issues. I’m happy with my GoPro 12 . Sadly GoPro seems to not have their act together in customer service. GoPro also screwed up my GoPro Subscription also.

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