Efficient and Reliable: A Review of Brita Standard Water Filter Replacements for Pitchers and Dispensers

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    • Brita Standard water filter replacement
    • Saves money and replaces 1800 single-use plastic bottles per year
    • Reduces Chlorine (taste & odor), Mercury, Copper, Zinc, Cadmium
    • Lasts 2 months or after 40 gallons of water
    • Compatible with all Brita pitchers and dispensers except Stream
    • Easy to replace with pull top cap
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Dimensions: 13.91″D x 2.31″W x 5.31″H
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      My Review of Brita Standard Water Filter Replacements

      After reading all the positive user feedback, I decided to try the Brita Standard Water Filter Replacements for my pitcher. And I must say, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

      Firstly, these filters are incredibly effective at removing any chemicals or impurities in the water. I can immediately taste the difference in the water, as it no longer has that chlorine taste or odor. This has encouraged me to drink more water throughout the day, knowing that it is clean and fresh.

      The longevity of these filters is impressive. As a household of two, the pack of six filters will last us well over a year. It’s a great value for the money, especially considering the number of single-use plastic bottles we are saving each year by using the Brita filter instead.

      The convenience of the Brita filters is another standout feature. They are compatible with all Brita pitchers and dispensers, making it easy to replace the filter when needed. The pull top cap ensures easy removal, and I have had no issues with leakage or breakage.

      Although I did have some concerns about the packaging when I received my order, the filters were not damaged and were properly sealed. However, I do think it would be better if they were shipped in padded packaging or a box to avoid any potential damage in transit.

      In conclusion, I highly recommend the Brita Standard Water Filter Replacements. They provide great-tasting water, are cost-effective, and are environmentally friendly. Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed!

      Additional information



      Product Dimensions

      ‎13.91"D x 2.31"W x 5.31"H

      Item Weight

      ‎14.1 ounces

      External Testing Certification


      Product Benefits

      ‎Reduces Chlorine





      Part Number


      Country of Origin


      Item model number


      Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



      ‎6 Count







      Item Package Quantity


      Number Of Pieces


      Temperature Range

      ‎70 Degrees Fahrenheit


      ‎1. Soak new filter.2. Insert filter into reservoir.3. Add cold tap water.

      Batteries Included


      Batteries Required


      Warranty Description

      ‎We offer a 30-day, unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee on all Brita® Pitchers, Faucet Filter Systems, Water Bottles and Filters. Call 1-800-24-BRITA

      13 thoughts on “Efficient and Reliable: A Review of Brita Standard Water Filter Replacements for Pitchers and Dispensers

      1. I’ve been using these Britta filters for a few years. I leave the pitcher in the refrigerator for tasty cold water. These filters really help the water in this part of Ohio taste better.

      2. These are easy to use for basic Brita pitchers. Just make sure you follow instructions to soak it in a bowl or glass of water before adding it to the pitcher. You may see some specks of black charcoal but if you rinse it really good and don’t turn it upside down it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

      3. I like to purchase these in two and also they last longer as it is only for two people. Also there is definitely a difference in taste than the regulate tap water. So these filters definitely work.

      4. I am very satisfied with their performance. The filters are easy to install and fit perfectly in my pitcher. They do an excellent job of removing impurities and improving the taste and odour of my tap water. One thing I appreciate about these filters is that they last for a long time before needing to be replaced, which is not only convenient but also cost-effective. I also like that they are made with eco-friendly materials and are recyclable.

      5. Llevo años usando este producto. Vivo en la ciudad de México y el agua potable no es segura de beber. Uso dos filtros: primero Turmix y luego Brita. Así resuelvo mi agua para beber y cocinar.

      6. I have a Brita water pitcher and I have use these filter replacements for years. They remove any chemicals that may be in your water and keep your water fresh and clean so you drink more water.

      7. It is so convenient to purchase products that are easily left off the shopping list. I trust this product and brand to secure a little more health and safety in our water.

      8. I didn’t realize how many filters were in this order. The description said 2, but it came in a huge box with multiple packages with 2 filters in each pack. Def worth the money, but it’ll take well over a year to go through all of these filters.

      9. I only use britta filter for replacement. Product is great & highly recommend. Problem was how it came. As my photos show, box was badly damaged because it came, not in a box, not even in padded envelope. It came in regular thin plastic envelope packaging so there was nothing protecting this box that filter came in. It was smashed in multiple places. I would definitely have returned it if I saw that it was tampered with & looked open. but it was not, it was sealed properly and brand new product but I can see that all this damage was during shipment. It literally looked like someone threw it around the delivery truck. Very unhappy but fortunately item inside was not damaged so I’ll be using it. I know this is holiday time and many orders after black friday but still, this should have been sent in padded packaging or a box!

      10. Logistics is very fast, the seller’s business is booming, the first one is not used up, and the filtration speed is very fast

      11. I have tried alternative filters in my Brita. They took longer to clear when initially installed, and don’t last as long. I decided to pay a bit more and get good quality Brita brand filters.

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