Solar Eclipse Glasses 2024 Review: Safe and Stylish Shades for the Celestial Event of the Year!

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    • Solar Eclipse Glasses approved for the 2024 event
    • CE and ISO Certified for direct sun viewing
    • Bonus smartphone photo filter for enhancing solar imaging
    • Universal-fit shades for adults, teens, and children
    • Meticulously crafted to meet AAS safety standards
    • Manufacturer: Jaxy optical instruments
    • Special feature: UV protection
    • Unmissable solar moment on April 8th, 2024
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      Impressive Quality and Protection

      As an avid sky-watcher, I purchased these Solar Eclipse Glasses for the upcoming 2024 event, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. The quality is top-notch, and I feel confident wearing them for direct sun observation.

      Enhanced Viewing Experience

      The bonus smartphone photo filter is a game-changer! I tested it out, and the results were amazing. It brought a whole new level of detail to my solar photos, making them truly breathtaking.

      Comfortable Fit and Universal Design

      I appreciate the universal-fit design of these glasses. They fit comfortably over my prescription glasses and the two crease lines ensure a perfect fit for all face shapes and sizes.

      Great Value for Money

      Considering the exceptional quality and added features, these glasses are definitely a steal. I feel well-prepared for the upcoming eclipse without breaking the bank.

      Final Thoughts

      Overall, these Solar Eclipse Glasses exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to witness the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024, with crystal-clear vision and complete eye safety. Highly recommended!

      Additional information


      ‎Jaxy optical instruments

      Part Number


      Item Weight

      ‎0.634 ounces

      Product Dimensions

      ‎6 x 1 x 0.01 inches

      Item model number



      ‎One Size


      ‎5 Pack – Blue Star Design







      Item Package Quantity


      Special Features

      ‎UV Protection

      Included Components

      ‎Solar Eclipse Glasses

      Batteries Required


      8 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse Glasses 2024 Review: Safe and Stylish Shades for the Celestial Event of the Year!

      1. We are in the path of this years solar eclipse so I wanted to get some glasses before they were gone. I’m sure the prices will be higher the closer it gets. Considering they are made of cardboard and plastic even $12 for them seemed high but at least I have them for the grandkids.

      2. Shipping fast, packaging was good. Quality is very good for the price. Haven’t tried them but I will definitely. I was concerned about glasses being sold out before the eclipse. As I live in Dayton and will get the full eclipse I want to be prepared.

      3. We have not used these glasses or phone filter yet as we are waiting on the April 8th eclipse. The initial quality seems to be good. Hopefully, these will block out the sun so we can get the full experience of the eclipse. I will review again once we have used them.

        UPDATE: I tried these out today so I would know what to expect come April 8th. These work great! I looked directly into the sun without any kind issues. I did not try the phone filter. These are a great value for the April 8th eclipse without spending alot of money. I would recommend to anybody!

      4. These will be used to view the solar eclipse. I tested them by looking at the sun – they blocked everything but the sun. The monocle that was included worked well with the phone camera. Looking forward to April 8th!

      5. Haven’t used them yet, waiting on the Solar eclipse on 4/8/24. However, they look like they’ll work just fine. The piece that goes over the ears are a little big but they’ll still do the job.

      6. Glasses are for solar viewing and come in a convenient package of 5 glasses and a lens for camera use. A really good value.

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