Review: LUNT SOLAR Eclipse Glasses – Premium Quality and Safety Certified for Solar Viewing

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    • LUNT SOLAR 5 Pack Premium Eclipse Glasses, AAS Approved 2024 Solar Glasses
    • ISO certified [ISO 12312-2 (2015)] and CE certified eclipse glasses
    • Premium optical film filters for sharp orange-colored sun image
    • Made by leading US precision optics lab trusted by NASA
    • Fits most teens and adults for safe solar viewing
    • Suitable for observing partial or total solar eclipse
    • Black premium filters, not thin metallic
    • Manufactured by Lunt Solar Systems, available since March 10, 2020
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      My Review of LUNT SOLAR 5 Pack Premium Eclipse Glasses


      • Great price for 5 pairs
      • Highly rated and claimed to be NASA-approved
      • Sharp and crisp solar image
      • Fits most teens and adults
      • Meets ISO and CE certifications


      • Paper and film construction, not composite material
      • May not fit securely on all head sizes

      I purchased the LUNT SOLAR 5 Pack Premium Eclipse Glasses for the upcoming solar eclipse in 2024, and I am pleased with their performance. The glasses arrived quickly and in good condition.

      The optical film filters provided a clear orange-colored image of the sun during a partial eclipse, allowing for safe viewing. The glasses are lightweight and easy to use, although they may not fit as snugly on all head sizes. I found them to be a great value for the price, considering you get 5 pairs in the pack. The fact that they are NASA-approved added to my confidence in their quality and safety.

      Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and look forward to using these eclipse glasses for future celestial events. I recommend them for anyone looking for affordable and reliable eye protection during eclipses.

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      Date First Available

      March 10, 2020


      Lunt Solar Systems

      8 thoughts on “Review: LUNT SOLAR Eclipse Glasses – Premium Quality and Safety Certified for Solar Viewing

      1. Used these glasses to view the Fall 2023 annular eclipse (only a partial eclipse in my area). No problem whatsoever, and provided a great view. Worst thing about these glasses is that they’re made of paper & film vs. composite material & solar glass. Nevertheless, they do their job well. My wife had trouble trying to get them to fit properly, but they were just fine for me.

      2. We bought these for viewing the eclipse in October and kept them for the coming Spring event. They are easy to use and work very well. Good price and works as advertised.

      3. These eclipse glasses are certified to be able to wear during an eclipse.
        They are amazing, making it possible to look directly at an eclipse.
        The only drawback is that they don’t stay on your head. I watched the lates annular eclipse (2023) in a park with several other people. No one was able to keep the glasses on their temples.
        I think just a screen to hold up to your eyes might be better.
        Otherwise, I look forward to using them for the upcoming solar eclipse in 2024

      4. I was nervous ordering eclipse glasses because if they aren’t up to the right darkness rating, I could have burned my families or my eyes. These were highly rated and claimed to be NASA approved, AND for 5 pairs it was a great price, so I gave them a try! They worked fantastic, and have two pre-cut folds on each side so it should fit any size face. Don’t expect card stock rimmed glasses to sit snuggly on your face though, dont. For safety reasons I would hold them down when you are looking up. Safety first! Keeping them for the next eclipse in a few months!

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