Safely Watch the 2024 Solar Eclipse with Certified Solar Eclipse Glasses – 6-Pack Review

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    • Solar eclipse glasses approved for the 2024 event
    • CE & ISO certified for safe direct sun viewing
    • Equipped with high-quality filters to protect from harmful light
    • Perfect for observing the upcoming solar eclipse
    • Suitable for both kids and adults
    • Easy to use and suitable for science buffs, parents, educators, and eclipse enthusiasts
    • Manufacturer: Cangnan County Qiwei Craft Co., Ltd
    • Material: Polyimide, UV Protection, no batteries required
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      Impressive Quality and Affordability

      I was initially surprised by the glasses being made of paper, but they proved to be effective. Last month, I witnessed a solar eclipse for the first time, and it was an incredible experience. For a set of six glasses, the price seemed reasonable.

      Perfect for Group Viewing

      On a friend’s 50th birthday, these glasses were used by a group to witness a solar event, and they worked perfectly. It was exciting to observe the changes in the sky and even capture some amazing pictures with a camera. I highly recommend these glasses for such occasions.

      Durable and Reliable

      I ordered these glasses for the annular eclipse and they performed excellently. The quality seemed good, and I felt confident in their ability to protect our eyes during viewing. The pack of glasses ensured we were prepared for future eclipses as well. Don’t miss out, get yours now!

      Comfortable and Effective

      These glasses provided the necessary safety to view a once-in-a-lifetime event – a solar eclipse. Despite being inexpensive, they were sturdy and comfortable to wear. My friends and I appreciated their reliability, especially after witnessing others being sold at high prices. Highly recommended for anyone planning to view an eclipse.

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      ‎Cangnan County Qiwei Craft Co., Ltd

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      ‎1.13 ounces

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      ‎5.89 x 1.77 x 0.59 inches

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      ‎6 packs


      ‎6 Packs


      ‎Solar Eclipse Glasses




      ‎Solar Eclipse Glasses

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      ‎Solar Eclipse Glasses

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      9 thoughts on “Safely Watch the 2024 Solar Eclipse with Certified Solar Eclipse Glasses – 6-Pack Review

      1. We are very excited to use these glasses for the next total solar eclipse in April! They appear to be good quality and able to protect our eyes while we watch!! Thank you! 😎

      2. Ordered these for the annular eclipse. They worked great. Such a great experience to see the eclipse. We purchased the multi pack so we are prepared for the full eclipse in April. Get your glasses now and be ready.

      3. Their cardboard I guess heavy duty possibly really cheap to make but.
        Love the 2024 on the side with the eclipse on the front must have

      4. Llegaron en tiempo y forma en una cajita (muy feita y maltratada la cajita, pero los lentes llegaron bien). Llegaron en super tiempo para ver el eclipse del 14 de Octubre de 2023 en la CDMX. Evidentemente, no son para ver constantemente el eclipse, aun así, fueron una excelente herramienta para verlo. No nos lastimó la luz del Sol y se mantuvieron bien. Los guardaemos para reusarlos en el próximo eclipse total del 2024.

      5. Glasses are nice and durable. Looking forward to using them next month. Good packaging that kept them in perfect condition.

      6. This happened on the day of my friends surprise 50th birthday so there was a lot of people looking up at the sun and these glasses worked perfectly. Everybody was so excited to see the different changes and we even took our camera and pointed it in that direction and took some pictures which is what you see Came out perfectly what highly recommend

      7. You can look directly at the sun. We caught the full ring of fire eclipse. They are flimsy paper & don’t stay on too well. But they were a decent price & do what they’re supposed to do.

      8. I got to view this extraordinary once in a lifetime event with the safety of these solar eclipse glasses. They were very inexpensive but the material is pretty decent for what it is needed. We were lucky to have these and event gave some to friends because the ones they were using were not sturdy were being sold at an outrageous price. They were comfortable to wear, and it worked for what we needed them.
        I would highly recommend them, and I’m sure we will keep them for the next event.

      9. I was surprised these were paper, but they worked just fine. Last month was the first time I could actually look at a solar eclipse taking place. It was an amazing experience.
        For six glasses I thought they were a good price.

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