Google Pixel 8 Review: Unlocked Android Smartphone with Advanced Pixel Camera, Long-Lasting Battery, and Enhanced Security – Obsidian (128 GB)

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    • Google Pixel 8 is an unlocked Android smartphone
    • Powered by the Google Tensor G3 chip with AI capabilities for advanced photo and video features
    • Compatible with multiple carriers including Google Fi, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T
    • Upgraded camera with advanced image processing and Macro Focus
    • 6.2-inch super sharp and responsive display
    • Adaptive Battery that can last over 24 hours and charges faster than before
    • Emergency features such as notifying first responders, sharing location, and detecting car crashes
    • Multiple layers of security including the Google Tensor G3 chip and Titan M2 security chip
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    My Review of the Google Pixel 8

    After using the Google Pixel 8 for a while, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Here are my thoughts on this smartphone.


    • The transfer of data from my previous Pixel 5 to the Pixel 8 was seamless and effortless. Within minutes, my new phone looked just like my old one.
    • The speaker quality on the Pixel 8 is impressive compared to the Pixel 5. The sound is clear and vibrant.
    • The software bugs that I encountered on my Pixel 5, such as the Always On Display issue and camera lag, have been completely fixed on the Pixel 8.
    • Face unlock is a convenient new feature that works flawlessly.
    • The display is stunning, as always, with vibrant colors. The phone is fast and responsive, making gaming and multitasking seamless.
    • The battery life is decent, lasting a full day with moderate usage.


    • The fingerprint reader is a bit finicky and may require multiple taps to unlock the phone. I preferred the back placement of the sensor on the Pixel 5.

    In conclusion, I am extremely happy with my purchase of the Google Pixel 8. It offers a seamless transition from my previous Pixel, improved speaker quality, fixes to software bugs, and a stunning display. Although the fingerprint reader could use some improvement, it doesn’t overshadow the overall positive experience with this phone.

    10 thoughts on “Google Pixel 8 Review: Unlocked Android Smartphone with Advanced Pixel Camera, Long-Lasting Battery, and Enhanced Security – Obsidian (128 GB)

    1. I’m coming from a Pixel 5 which unfortunately got damaged. Over the years I’ve been hesitant to upgrade because phones are getting bigger/heavier, and the Pixel 5 had the perfect form factor. However, I was in need of a new phone right away and got this through overnight shipping. Here’s my experience using the 8 compared to the 5.


      -The smoothest experience I’ve ever had transferring data to a new phone; within five minutes my 8 looked identical to my 5, including the home screen, apps, camera photos, etc.
      -Better speaker quality, making my Pixel 5 speakers sound “tinny” by comparison.
      -It fixed two software bugs that my Pixel 5 had (Always On Display not working, and camera lag when deleting/swiping through photos).
      -Face unlock is a nice, convenient new feature (for me) and works great.
      -The display is beautiful as always, and I get decent battery life.


      -The fingerprint reader is finicky and usually takes 2-3 taps to get in. On the Pixel 5, the sensor is on the back and only needs 1 tap. Much prefer it on the back.

      Aside from that, I don’t have any major complaints. The Pixel 8 is basically Pixel 5 Pro with some minor upgrades here and there. I do wish it was a smaller phone in weight/size because I can’t text one-handed anymore, but I knew what I was getting into. If Google ever releases another small one, I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

    2. Really nice phone size is smaller then most oversized phones today. Fast and reliable battery lasts 2 days no issues here. No bloatware installed pixel launcher is decent wireless charging and more no case or charging brick included but that’s normal now.

    3. While the screen was on for 1 hour, I lost 40% battery. I was not watching videos, downloading apps, or installing updates. This was after all the phone’s setup was complete, and I was simply arranging apps onto the home screen and logging into various apps. 40% in an hour.

      As it turns out, 3 people I know all have the same phone, and could confirm that this was very much not normal. Their batteries last them a full day, sometimes two, at the very least. I can readily confirm that I received a unit with a horrendously defective battery. With the screen off, it will lose 5% battery every hour while not receiving any notifications at all. This is with 5G disabled, too, which many say is the cause of the battery draining.

      More over, the bluetooth was broken straight out of the box. Music stutters constantly and randomly mutes songs. I tried the “fix” people have for it, but it didn’t help at all. My unit just came broken.

      The real issue is that I can’t just send it back since I setup an Esim, and have no other phone that is Esim compatible. If you don’t know, setting up an Esim bricks your physical sim card, making it useless. I would have to first buy yet another Google Pixel 8 before sending back the current one. This is stressful and a hassle since my phone is vital at work. Really don’t recommend risking buying one through Amazon after this.

    4. I’ve been a long time Apple user and this is my first Android phone. I’ve been using the Google Pixel for about a weeks now (previously had an iPhone 13) and I really enjoy the freedom this device provides compared to the locked down Apple ecosystem. The device is unlocked as advertised, and I flashed a custom Android-based OS onto mine. So far, everything works as expected and I haven’t had any hardware issues. The battery is normal, the device charges fine, I’ve had no issues with heat, and the screen works as advertised. The camera feels a bit sluggish and photos look a bit grainy when you zoom in but that’s expected at this pricepoint.
      Be careful when buying a screen protector for the Pixel 8 because most cheap screen protectors don’t accomodate for 2.5D glass screen.

    5. I’ve had 4 different phones in the past 4 years. A pixel 4, two pixel 4a, and now this. I could never bring myself to upgrade to any of the other iterations due to the fact that A). The Pixel 4a was cheap and reliable and B). None of the other pixels were the same size. They kept making big bricks that you needed both hands for. I have tiny little man hands and I just want a small phone that I can use one handed. I don’t need a bigger screen, I just want something small and convenient. This hits all the marks. After having the 4a for so long it’s really nice to have water resistance and wireless charging back. I lost one 4a to moisture and a other to the charging port crapping out. Here I am with the Pixel 8 and I can’t wait to buy several more of these until they make a decent phone again.

    6. Overall I’m pretty happy, don’t regret purchase. Positives – it’s one of the few reasonably sized smaller phones, camera general use is pretty good, I love the clean android interface, screen is great, sound quality is great, snappy in use, GPS and network reception solid, even in South Africa where we have different bands to the US. Negatives noted after couple weeks use: battery life is mediocre at best and will be run down in less than a day of very heavy use. The back gets pretty hot in use, which also suggests that the processor suffers from the same high heating issues and possible lower efficiency as previous model when compared to Qualcomm Snapdragon 8. I HATE that the camera doesn’t have manual focus, especially for macro – i specifically got it because of that mode and it’s basically near impossible to use or nail focus. Macro mode also cuts the image right down in size, making it appear to be doing more magnification but actually just digital zooming, and unfortunately the raw file is also cut down. The Jpegs are ridiculously oversharpened and when you look at the raw image the image is really not great – very soft and blurry – apparently even when focus is correct. And when you use another app camera that does have manual focus (like Lightroom), the close focus mode is not available. It seems ridiculous and frustrating that the Pixel 8 does not get the camera app Pro Controls option that the 8 Pro has – this is just software difference to help justify price difference, and it REALLY limits the otherwise excellent main camera of the pixel 8. There seems to be no way to adjust auto jpg sharpening and colour, and the results are way overcooked for my taste – oversharpened and over-saturated.

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