Ukraine Imposes 50-Year Sanctions on Defense Industries of Russia and Belarus

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Ukraine Imposes 50-Year Sanctions 

November 22, 2023 – Updated: November 22, 2023

Kiev — In a historic move, the Ukrainian Parliament, known as the Rada, has approved a 50-year sanction resolution targeting the defense industries of Russia and Belarus. The decision, proposed by President Volodymyr Zelensky, received overwhelming support during the general assembly.

According to a social media post by Ukrainian lawmaker Yaroslav Jeleznyak, the legislation passed with the backing of 304 participating legislators. The approved resolution enforces a comprehensive ban on any form of collaboration, joint projects, and programs in the defense sector with Russia and Belarus. Furthermore, the import of military and dual-use products has been halted.

The sanctions extend to prohibiting any technology and information transfer to companies operating in the defense sector in Russia and Belarus. This far-reaching decision underscores Ukraine’s commitment to safeguarding its national interests and security.

This is not the first time the Ukrainian Parliament has taken such decisive action. Previously, sanctions were imposed on Russia, including a 50-year embargo on various sectors with Iran, citing allegations of supplying unmanned aerial vehicles and different types of weapons.

President Zelensky’s initiative reflects a stringent stance against potential threats and aligns with Ukraine’s dedication to maintaining sovereignty amidst geopolitical challenges. The 50-year duration of these sanctions underscores the gravity of the situation, signaling a long-term strategy in response to perceived security risks emanating from the defense industries of Russia and Belarus. The move is anticipated to have substantial implications for regional dynamics and international relations in the defense sector.
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