Israel and Hamas Reach Agreement for Humanitarian Ceasefire and Prisoner Exchange


Jerusalem, November 22, 2023 – Updated on November 22, 2023

In a significant development towards de-escalation, Israel’s Foreign Minister, Eli Cohen, has announced that the first group of Israeli prisoners will be released tomorrow as part of a humanitarian ceasefire agreement with Hamas. Cohen shared insights during his participation in a program on the Israeli Army Radio.

Cohen clarified that the four-day cessation of hostilities is not a traditional “ceasefire” but rather a humanitarian pause in the conflict. The focus of his remarks centered on the anticipated exchange of prisoners outlined in the agreement between Israel and Hamas.

The details of the prisoner exchange agreement between Israel and Hamas have become more apparent. Cohen, during the radio program, outlined that the initial group of Israeli prisoners is set to be released on Thursday, marking a pivotal step in the implementation of the agreement.

The Israel-Hamas prisoner exchange agreement was brokered with the mediation of Qatar and Egypt. As part of the agreement, Hamas is set to release 50 Israeli prisoners in exchange for the freedom of 150 Palestinian detainees currently held in Israeli prisons.

The announcement by Foreign Minister Cohen comes amid international efforts to broker a diplomatic solution to the Israel-Hamas conflict. The humanitarian ceasefire and the subsequent release of prisoners signify a positive stride toward reducing tensions in the region.

The exchange of prisoners, while a complex and sensitive matter, reflects a commitment from both sides to engage in a dialogue that goes beyond the immediate cessation of hostilities. It marks a potential turning point in fostering a more constructive approach to conflict resolution in the Israeli-Palestinian context.

The international community continues to monitor these developments closely, hopeful that such agreements can set a precedent for future negotiations and contribute to a lasting and peaceful resolution to the longstanding issues in the region. As the first group of prisoners is set to be released, attention will be on how this initial step may influence the broader dynamics of the Israel-Hamas relationship and the prospects for sustained peace.

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