European Nations Applaud Breakthrough Humanitarian Agreement Between Israel and Hamas


Humanitarian Agreement Between Israel and Hamas

Geneva, November 22, 2023 – Updated on November 22, 2023

In a significant diplomatic development, European nations have expressed their satisfaction with the recent accord brokered between Israel and Hamas, heralding a temporary halt to hostilities and paving the way for a compassionate exchange of prisoners. Leaders from various European countries have lauded the collaborative efforts that led to this compromise, aiming to bring relief to the longstanding conflict in the region.

European Nations

Switzerland: A Call for Compassion Switzerland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs took to X social media platform to share their contentment with the agreement, hailing the potential for the release of prisoners and the initiation of a humanitarian pause in Gaza. The statement extended gratitude to nations contributing to the pact, singling out Egypt and Qatar. Switzerland, in line with its principles, reiterated a call for the liberation of all detainees.

Germany: Utilizing the Pause for Good German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock emphasized the necessity of using the agreed humanitarian pause to deliver crucial aid to the people of Gaza. In a statement posted on X, Baerbock regarded the announcement of the impending release of a substantial group of prisoners as a potential turning point, urging stakeholders to harness the humanitarian pause for essential aid delivery.

Slovenia: A Positive Stride Forward Slovenian Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon characterized the agreement as a positive development, acknowledging its significance in addressing the unacceptable suffering of civilians and the broader humanitarian situation. Fajon highlighted that the compromise creates an opportunity for progress in the pursuit of a comprehensive resolution.

United Kingdom: A Vital Step Towards Relief UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron commended the agreement as a crucial step that would bring relief to the families of prisoners and respond to the urgent humanitarian crisis in Gaza. In a statement on X, Cameron called for the full implementation of the agreement, urging the release of all prisoners to reunite families torn apart.

France: Acknowledging Progress French President Emmanuel Macron conveyed his satisfaction with the humanitarian ceasefire agreement, emphasizing its role in providing aid to Gaza. Macron committed to continued efforts for the release of prisoners held by Hamas and called for sustained diplomatic endeavors.

Greece: Urgency in Aid Delivery Greek Foreign Minister Yorgos Yerapetritis expressed contentment with the agreement for a humanitarian pause, urging the swift delivery of aid and medical care. Yerapetritis stressed the need to intensify efforts for a lasting peace in the region.

Netherlands: Welcoming a New Dawn Netherlands Foreign Minister Hanke Bruins Slot welcomed the agreement for a humanitarian pause and the release of the first group of women and children held in Gaza. In a statement on X, Bruins Slot expressed concern for those still not released and underscored the importance of granting access to the Red Cross for necessary support.

Spain: Commending the Humanitarian Accord Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares celebrated the agreement for a humanitarian pause and the freedom of hostages in Gaza. In an announcement on X, Albares called for the release of all hostages, emphasizing Spain’s readiness to provide assistance and its commitment to working towards a Peace Summit based on a two-state solution.

This synthesis encapsulates the public statements and positions of European countries regarding the achieved agreement between Israel and Hamas.

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