RAK Magnetic Wristband Review: The Essential Tool for Men’s DIY Projects and Handyman Work

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    • Made from 100% nylon
    • Perfect Christmas gift for men
    • Contains 10 powerful magnets for holding screws, nails, and drill bits
    • Versatile and multipurpose for various projects
    • Adjustable and comfortable one-size-fits-most design
    • Rugged and tear-resistant outer layer made of 1680 ballistic nylon
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    Review: RAK Magnetic Wristband


    • The wristband is made of high-quality ballistic nylon which feels durable and long-lasting.
    • The 10 powerful magnets embedded in the wristband securely hold screws, nails, and drill bits, preventing them from getting lost while working.
    • The adjustable strap and breathable mesh design ensure a comfortable fit for most wrist sizes during extended periods of use.
    • It is a versatile and multipurpose tool, suitable for various tasks such as home improvement, construction, carpentry, and DIY projects.
    • The wristband is easy to use, either by strapping it to the wrist or hanging it above the workbench.


    • The magnets only cover half of the wristband, which may limit the total holding capacity.
    • In certain cases, wearing the wristband in hot environments might cause discomfort due to sweating.
    • If worn with long sleeves, the thickness of the wristband may cause inconvenience.

    Overall, the RAK Magnetic Wristband is a practical and useful tool for anyone working on DIY projects or professional tasks. While the magnets could be stronger and cover a larger area, they still provide sufficient holding power for most screws, nails, and drill bits. The wristband’s durability and comfortable design make it a valuable addition to any toolbox or workbench.

    13 thoughts on “RAK Magnetic Wristband Review: The Essential Tool for Men’s DIY Projects and Handyman Work

    1. Almost perfect, it’s a little bit thicker but I assume that the reason is because of the really good magnets it’s using, it could be annoying if you use long sleeves even if you have to fold them, I work at the outside usually so in winter times is difficult to use it because of that but you can use it above of them so, honestly is an amazing tool, it has helped me a lot

    2. My husband will love this. He works on motorcycles, trucks and corvettes. He’s always losing screws and bolts. I think this will help a lot. Good strong magnets

    3. It was smaller and less bulky then I expected and fit comfortably on my wrist. I have a much cheaper one from a different manufacturer which is much bulkier and poorer construction. This new one is much nicer, and was quite pleased putting it on. Having the ability to wear it comfortably on my wrist without any bulk is really handy when assembling or unassempling something. Just drop the screw on my wrist and keep going. That said, there is room for improvement, hence the 4/5 stars. The magnets only go halfway around your wrist, would prefer 3/4, and they are not as strong as I would like. I have not open it up, but believe it’s made with the standard quality magnets as opposed to stronger neodymium magnets which would be really nice. Expect that would inflate the price by at least half, but I’d be willing to pay extra for the extra holding power, not that the holding power of this one isn’t sufficient. It really is like an extra hand to hold your screws. Ever asked someone to hold some screws while your putting in a light fixture or something, now you don’t need them. Drop the srews on your wrist, grab your screwdriver and the fixture and up the ladder you go. Very handy.
      Edit – on closer inspection after several uses I believe it does use neodymium magnets but only two small ones per strip. They are very small (bit bigger then tie stay magnets) and while quite powerful don’t have enough surface area for optimal use in my opinion. An extra two or there would be optimal.

    4. Got this for my husband for Xmas. He used it immediately and said that it’s really good and the magnets are sturdy on it. Recommended.

    5. Worth the money, very strong magnet and comfortable, would not lose a single piece with it on. Used for electrician school.

    6. Gave this as a gift to my husband. At first he was pretty excited about using it. However, once he did, he only lasted 5 minutes with it around his wrist. He said it made his wrist hot and really sweaty and therefore too uncomfortable to wear. So, instead he put it around his belt. Nice strong magnet, just not practical if you’re not working in an air-conditioned space.

    7. I bought this for those times that I’m working with our cordless drill. Our older, larger cordless drill has its own magnetic plate for holding an extra drill bit as well as a few screws. But we recently purchased a new, more compact cordless drill and I didn’t realize until my first time using it that it didn’t have a means to attach an extra bit or two.

      So, that’s where this magnetic wristband comes in handy. It’s made of a heavy, reinforced canvas with a wide velcro fastener for attaching securely and snugly on your wrist. Until using it for the first time, I’d wondered if the magnets would be the right strength — strong enough to hold small hardware without being SO strong that items would be hard to pull off. But they work well for what I’ve used them for so far which is mostly just holding a couple of bits (drill and screwdriver) and plenty of screws. They hold those well without them falling off or being too difficult to remove. The magnetic attraction is actually strong enough that if you needed to briefly stick a pair of pliers or other small tools on your wrist, it will stick (although it will eventually fall off if you bump a handle or part of the tool that extends beyond the wristband).

      I can see it being helpful while doing various types of crafts that involve small metal pieces, although things that are very small or flat (like sewing pins or tiny flat washers) may be more difficult to get ahold of to get off the wristband.

      There may be a brief learning curve to remember that your wrist will also magnetize to metal things you brush up against. If you work in close confines with metal surfaces or if you’re working on a cluttered workbench with various metal tools/objects laying around, you’ll find yourself occasionally “sticking” to things you don’t want to. Still, not a huge problem since the magnets in the wristband aren’t the super strong neodymium ones that’ll actually pull things toward you.

    8. My hub was very enthusiastic about this. it fit his big wrist and the magnet is very strong. He is sure he can also use it while shoeing horses, as well as many other times he needs little pieces and both hands, too. Great idea! Great birthday gift.

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