Transform Your Room into a Mesmerizing Galaxy with the Rossetta Star Projector: A Review

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    • 4-in-1 galaxy projector combining aurora projector, night light, Bluetooth speaker, and white noise machine
    • Dual projection lenses for northern lights and star light sky effects
    • Sound-activated with built-in music speaker that synchronizes projection with music
    • Pre-installed with 8 different white noise sounds for easier sleep
    • Remote-controlled with timer function to set automatic turn off
    • Great for room decoration and gift ideas
    • FCC, RoHS, and CE certified for safety
    • Product dimensions: 6.69″L x 4.92″W x 4.25″H
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      My Review: Rossetta Star Projector

      I recently purchased the Rossetta Star Projector and I am extremely happy with my purchase.

      The different settings and colors that you can toggle are amazing. I love how I can adjust the brightness to create the perfect ambient vibe in my room. The Bluetooth speaker, although not very loud or of the best quality, is an added bonus for me.

      I bought this projector for my 4-year-old and 2-year-old who share a room, and they absolutely love it. We use it every night as part of our bedtime routine. The lights are beautiful and the ability to change colors individually and adjust the brightness is perfect for bedtime.

      The Bluetooth feature is also great. We play lullabies at bedtime and the projector continues to play the music even when we leave the room. It stays connected consistently throughout our home.

      The built-in timer is another convenient feature. It automatically turns off after a few hours of use, so I don’t have to worry about turning it off myself.

      The only downside I’ve noticed is that the speaker quality could be better. However, since I don’t use the speaker often, it doesn’t bother me too much.

      Overall, I am very satisfied with the Rossetta Star Projector. It has exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a mesmerizing and relaxing night light for their room or for their kids.

      Additional information






      Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

      Finish Type


      Light Source Type


      Power Source

      Corded Electric



      Item Weight

      1.08 pounds

      Number of Batteries

      1 CR2 batteries required.


      5 Volts (DC)

      Maximum Compatible Light Source Wattage

      7.5 Watts

      Mounting Type

      Table Mount

      Bulb Features

      ‎Dimmable, Sound Activated, Color Changing, Adjustable Color Temperature

      Specification Met

      CE, FCC, RoHS

      Number of Light Sources


      Are Batteries Included


      Product Dimensions

      6.69"L x 4.92"W x 4.25"H


      Rossetta-Star Projector

      Item model number

      Star Projector-RT009


      1 CR2 batteries required.

      Specific instructions for use

      Galaxy Projector, Built-in White Noise, Bluetooth Speaker, Night Light

      Form Factor


      Finish types


      Assembly required


      Number of pieces


      Warranty Description

      1-year limited warranty and service included. Use of rossetta star projector night light is subject to the terms.

      Batteries required


      Included Components

      User Manual, Star Projector, Remote Control, Power Cable

      13 thoughts on “Transform Your Room into a Mesmerizing Galaxy with the Rossetta Star Projector: A Review

      1. We bought these for our young Grandchildren for Xmas. We tried them out when they arrived. These have got to be the best star projectors out there. The colours are amazing. So clear. We were totally blown away by the northern lights effect. Really beautiful. Highly recommended.

      2. I’ve been using this every night since February and it is now June. I started noticing some lag in how the light flows (it would get stuck rather than flow) maybe in March but if I banged on it again it would work again. Now in June it’s on the brink of completely breaking with only the green star light working. I still loved the product and I wish I could get a replacement because I will miss it for sure.

      3. The media could not be loaded.

         This unit is compact but does have some weight to it. I was so impressed by how customizable the lights are between red, green, blue and white. The colors are very vivid as well. My video really doesn’t do it justice. Being able to dim the brightness helps with the relaxation too. The sound quality of the white noise was surprisingly good too for the price. It makes me actually want to try the Bluetooth connectivity to my phone which I wasn’t expecting to actually use. Just for some feedback, I wish that the base was more maneuverable so that it could project at an angle, I just propped one end of it up which works just fine. I also wish the minimum speed of the auroras was slower. I’m also not a huge fan of the laser lights, they’re just so harsh to look at and a lot of them. But over all, great product for the price!

      4. This is a great little night lite for the kids. They’re are multiple settings, colors and sounds and you can control the brightness. My son loves running water sounds with the blue waves and my daughter loves the twinkle twinkle song with just the stars. Overall, it’s wonderful and worth the price.

      5. Bought this after a friend had one going at a house party of theirs. Love all the different settings you can toggle, all the colors and sparkling stars. You can even adjust the brightness which is so awesome for when you want an ambient vibe but don’t want it to light up the whole room. There is a Bluetooth speaker but it isn’t very loud or good quality sound but that doesn’t necessarily bother me as I never use the speaker.
        Definitely worth the money!!

      6. Was nervous to buy this. Most of the times it’s a gimic and it breaks easily. But it’s now been 6 Mos and it is still working great. The lights are pretty and soothing. Very nice

      7. The lights are fantastic and work really well. The speaker leaves much to be desired unfortunately and the remote is the same frequency as some of my bed room led lights so thats a bit frustrating when changing the color or turning on and off and the item has a very strong chemical plastic smell so i would let it air out in a garage for a day or two before putting it into a bedroom. Overall tho i am happy with the item.

      8. I bought this for my niece. She loves anything that has to do with lights. She absolutely adored this because not only does it have a night sky that projects in your room with awesome lights and also has a Bluetooth speaker. I mean that’s great right?! I highly recommend this if you have a kid or someone in your life that really likes The night sky. It’s a good product You should buy it.

      9. It’s a little deceiving but it’s not THAT bad. You only get four colors: red ,white , blue, and green . There is no light blue or dark blue depicted in the photos and info. That said, this is the closest you will get to pink/purple. Maybe some are okay with this but I just expected a little better due to the price, it’s just red on top of blue slightly adjacent. The wave pattern machine is more accurate to purple due to the colors shifting together so I recommend that one more. The machines projections arent that bright but the machine itself is not something you want to look at for long. If youre able to put it above your line of sight, the better . The remote control is also a little jank. You have to point it directly at the infrared sensor on the side and the buttons still don’t work sometimes.

      10. Initially purchased for my 4 year old, who shares a room with my 2 year old and they both love it! We turn it on every night as part of our bedtime routine. The lights are beautiful and can be changed by turning on/off each individual color and the brightness can be increased or decreased so it’s not too overpowering at bedtime cause it really does get bright. Also love that it can be paired via Bluetooth; we play lullabies at bedtime with this feature and it continues to play when we leave the room with our devices as long as there is still connection. It stays connected consistently as we move throughout our home. Additionally it has a built in timer, so it turns off after a few hours of use (after kids are asleep). Comes with a remote as an added bonus. My 11 year old loved it too and was excited when I got another one for him for his birthday. Would recommend!

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