Transform Your Bedroom with Tenmiro 100ft LED Strip Lights: A Review

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    • Music sync function with built-in sensitivity adjustable mic
    • Control via 44key IR remote control or app
    • Offer millions of different colors and 25 modes
    • Easy installation on clean, dry surfaces
    • 100ft length (2 rolls of 50ft) to cover the whole room
    • Suitable for decorating bedrooms, living rooms, and holiday events
    • Satisfaction warranty and quick customer support
    • Bluetooth connectivity and adjustable, dimmable, and timer features
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      My Review of Tenmiro Led Lights for Bedroom 100ft

      Easy Installation and Use

      The installation process for the Tenmiro LED Lights was a breeze. I was able to stick them to a clean surface without any issues. The remote control and app control feature made it incredibly convenient to select colors, change modes, and adjust brightness. The smart timing function was useful too.

      Vibrant and Versatile Lighting

      I was impressed by the range of colors and modes that the LED strip lights offered. With millions of different colors and 25 modes to choose from, I was able to create various atmospheres in my bedroom. The ability to sync the lights with music added an extra touch of excitement and entertainment.

      Ample Coverage and Length

      The 100ft length of the LED lights was more than enough to cover my entire bedroom. I could easily wrap them around walls and furniture to create unique lighting designs. The flexibility of the strips allowed me to fit them into any corner or shape as desired.

      Great Value and Customer Support

      Considering the price, these LED lights offered excellent value for money. The quality was impressive, and the included warranty provided peace of mind. I also appreciated the quick and helpful customer support whenever I had questions or concerns.

      Additional information





      IndoorOutdoor Usage


      Special Feature

      Color Changing, Adjustable, Dimmable, Timer

      Light Source Type


      Power Source

      Corded Electric


      Music, Movie


      Christmas, Halloween, Party, Birthday, New Year





      Controller Type

      app control,remote control

      Connectivity Protocol


      Number of Light Sources



      36 watts

      Item Weight

      0.882 ounces

      Number of Items


      Item Dimensions LxWxH

      6 x 6 x 2.3 inches

      Control Method

      App, Remote

      Product Dimensions

      6 x 6 x 2.3 inches

      Item model number


      Date First Available

      April 21, 2021



      12 thoughts on “Transform Your Bedroom with Tenmiro 100ft LED Strip Lights: A Review

      1. I was able to install all 100ft in a couple of hours after planning where I would be located. The adapter that is included has 2 outputs. The lights are bright. The remote didn’t work when it arrived, I may need to buy new batteries. The app works great however it only syncs music from iTunes. It does have a microphone function so it can still listen to the music played on another device and sync to it.

      2. I ordered it for my daughter’s room she is a big lover of LED lights. It is very easy to install all over the room. Number of options from Dim to flashing. Different colors. Easily control the mode of lights through a remote. Overall very happy with the purchase it beats the price I recommend it!

      3. These worked really well. They offer enough light, the remote is responsive, and they were really easy to install. Because they’re light, the adhesion worked well.

      4. I recently purchased the Tenmiro LED Lights for my bedroom, and I must say, they have exceeded all my expectations! These lights have completely transformed my space into a vibrant and dynamic oasis of colors and creativity. Here’s why I love the Tenmiro LED Lights:

        Length and Flexibility: The 100ft length (2 rolls of 50ft) of these LED strip lights provides me with ample coverage to decorate my entire bedroom. I can easily wrap them around my walls, bed frame, and even create unique patterns on the ceiling. The flexibility of the strips makes it incredibly easy to adjust and fit them into any corner or shape I desire.

        Music Sync Feature: The music sync feature is an absolute game-changer! I can sync the lights to the rhythm of my favorite songs, transforming my room into a mini dance party or a relaxing retreat, depending on the mood. It’s a fantastic way to enhance the atmosphere during parties or simply unwind after a long day.

        Color Changing Options: With a vast range of colors to choose from, I can set the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether I want a calming blue for relaxation or a vibrant mix of colors for a lively party, the Tenmiro LED Lights have got me covered. The ability to adjust the brightness levels is also a great feature, allowing me to set the perfect lighting for any activity.

        Remote and App Control: The dual control options make operating the LED lights super convenient. I can either use the included remote to change colors and modes from the comfort of my bed or utilize the smartphone app for seamless control from anywhere in the room. The app is user-friendly and offers additional features like setting timers and customizing lighting patterns.

        Room and Home Decor: These LED strip lights aren’t just for bedrooms. I’ve found them versatile enough to use in other spaces of my home as well. Whether I want to create an inviting atmosphere in the living room or add a touch of magic to my home office, these lights never disappoint.

        Durability and Quality: The Tenmiro LED Lights are built with high-quality materials, ensuring they last for a long time. I appreciate their sturdiness and the fact that they do not heat up even after prolonged use.

        Easy Installation: Setting up the LED lights was a breeze! The adhesive backing on the strips made it simple to stick them to any surface without causing any damage. The package also includes clips and hooks for added security, ensuring they stay in place.

        In conclusion, the Tenmiro LED Lights for Bedroom 100ft have proven to be an excellent addition to my living space. They provide mesmerizing colors, fantastic control options, and a truly immersive experience, whether I’m hosting a party or just relaxing at home. If you’re looking for top-notch LED strip lights to elevate your room’s ambiance, I highly recommend giving these a try!

      5. After my cabinet lights stopped working I seeded an affordable solution to brighten up my entertainment area.

        The lights in this picture are doubled up and provide just about enough light for ambiance but not as much as my traditional light fixtures. Considering the price of the lights and ease of install I would recommend this for anyone looking to add a bit of mood lighting.

      6. I am thrilled with the Tenmiro 100-foot LED lights for the bedroom. The music synchronization they offer adds an entirely new dimension to my space. The generous length of two 50-foot rolls allows me to cover every corner, creating a vibrant and personalized atmosphere. Furthermore, the ease of syncing with music transforms my room into a dynamic visual display, perfectly adapting to the rhythm and creating an immersive experience. These LED lights are not only functional but also aesthetically appealing, providing a versatile solution to illuminate and set the ambiance in my bedroom.

      7. I loved the length of it, I bought them for my camper for when I go camping or just want to hang out in it with my friends (because I live with my mom and she doesn’t bother me in there). It was really easy to hang up, it barely took any energy at all, unless you have to hang it up high than it might be a struggle on your arms for a little. I feel like it was definitely worth the amount, I thought I would need both the rolls, but I only used one. I again, got it to stick to the camper walls which we have had trouble with soo many different ones, and it was really awesome to be able to get it to stick without needing another type of adhesive. I’ll definitely buy again if needed!!

      8. Iv seen the old led light strips and these adhesive backs trump those and don’t leave a foam stuck to walls when you peal.them off.

        So you’ll get your damage deposit back if your.

      9. The lights are full of lots of brilliant colors that can be changed to suit your mood in the blink of an eye.
        I bought these lights for my 12 year old Granddaughter’s birthday at her request. The lights are interactive with your music if you desire or they can react with your voice.
        There was enough of the (150 ) lights to put all the way around the ceiling and down 2 opposite corners of her room!

      10. Very easy to install – and a lot of cool features if you are looking to have some changing lights. We just bought to light up a step down into our living room so we only leave it on one setting. But you can’t beat the price!!

      11. The media could not be loaded.

         The lights are pretty good for the price and I would recommend them if you’re kids are asking for LEDs. The Value for money spent is pretty good. They’re easy to use, easy to put up, connect, and come with a good manual. I find it weird theres not a timer on the remote because most other LED strip brands include that, but I do prefer there being a DIY mode, because thats pretty sick. For the faults, The adhesive is kind of horrible. They kept falling and I had to put packing tape on them to keep them up, and they still fall in certain places. Also, the light fades throughout the strip,as you can see in the photos and video attached, the pink is two whole different shades and that happens with other colors too. My light recently broke so I do like how bright they go and and I can actually see things now. My biggest complaint on these though, is i spent the extra 10$ for the music sync feature and it is horrible. It does not sync, is extremely hard to set up for IOS users (if it even works) , doesn’t even work on Android, (but they say it does somehow even though I followed every instruction.) I’m really disappointed because I was so excited for the music syncing. They did come extremely quick though, only 7 hours after I ordered.

        Anyway! The Pros way outweigh the cons for me, but I’d definitely consider all of this if you’re just buying.

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