Protect Your Eyes with Confidence: Review of AAS Approved Solar Eclipse Glasses – Perfect for 2024 Viewing

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    • Made in the USA by NASA-approved manufacturer American Paper Optics
    • ISO-compliant by the American Astronomical Society
    • CE and ISO certified for direct sun viewing
    • Scratch-resistant Silver Polymer lens material with optical density of 5 or greater
    • Filters out 100% of harmful UV, infrared, and 99.999% of intense visible light
    • Amazon Transparency Program for authentic products
    • Designed for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse viewing
    • Package includes 2 pairs of Soluna Eclipse Glasses
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      My Review:

      Having purchased the Solar Eclipse Glasses for the recent eclipse, I was impressed by their quality and efficacy. The glasses provided clear visibility of the event, and I appreciated the safety they offered for direct sun viewing. The design, although slightly bulky, did not hinder my viewing experience. The lens material and UV protection were top-notch, giving me confidence in their authenticity and safety standards.

      The glasses worked wonderfully for both observing the eclipse and taking photos through them using my smartphone. The lenses, albeit compact, did not compromise on performance. The quick delivery was a life-saver, allowing me to enjoy the eclipse with neighbors. The glasses were worth the investment for their durability and the peace of mind they provided for safe viewing. Looking forward to using them again for the upcoming 2024 Total Solar Eclipse!

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      13 thoughts on “Protect Your Eyes with Confidence: Review of AAS Approved Solar Eclipse Glasses – Perfect for 2024 Viewing

      1. The eclipse safety glasses seem to be excellent for the eclipse event. The delivery was excellent and on time and well packaged.

      2. These glasses allowed my wife and I to view the eclipse from just outside the 90% area. Fantastic!

        The pro’s are they worked great with no impact on our eyes. The negatives are that the size of the lenses were rather small and there was minimal blocking of the sun when raising or lowering our heads, so we wrapped our hands around the glasses to accomplish that. Still, very glad we got these. Can’t wait for the total eclipse in 2024, which again we will be right on the edge of the 100% blockage.

      3. These worked great. I watched the recent “Ring of Fire” eclipse using these lenses. I could see the event happening quite clearly – given the fact that I was looking through what was essentially a welding lens. My only complaint about these lenses is that they are very compact – easy to misplace. I know this for a fact. This does not detract from the truth that these are very good solar eclipse glasses.

      4. Bought these for the eclipse (duh) and even held one of the lenses against my regular smart phone and got a few good pics doing that. They worked great although the ear pieces were a little bulky, but they worked!

      5. Very fast delivery which was key since I forgot to order these to view the recent eclipse. They worked great and as we sat in the front yard viewing the eclipse, we shared them with many neighbors so they could safely view the eclipse. They were a little pricey but when you wait to order until 36 hours before the event, you pay up. They are good for 5 years so we will save them for the next solar eclipse in April.

      6. I bought these glasses for the October 14, 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse. The glasses are cheap, they work as intended, and the film used makes the sun look orange/red, other filters will make the sun look white. I prefer the orange/red look. Had zero issues with these glasses, and will keep using them, especially for the April 8th, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. 😀

      7. You can use pasta strainers or paper with small holes in it to view the reflection of a solar eclipse, but there is nothing like looking at the eclipse with your own eyes. These glasses work for eclipse viewing, and I will definitely be buying these for my students so they can watch the next one.

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