Superior Cleaning Power and Convenience: Review of the Shark NV360 Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum

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    • Powerful suction for deep cleaning carpets and bare floors
    • Lift-away functionality for cleaning under furniture and above the floor
    • Anti-allergen complete seal technology with HEPA filter
    • Perfect for pet hair with upholstery tool
    • Swivel steering for easy maneuverability
    • Brushroll shutoff for switching between deep carpet cleaning and bare floor cleaning
    • Large-capacity dust cup for longer cleaning sessions
    • Includes upholstery tool and crevice tool with the vacuum
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      My Review of the Shark NV360 Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum

      After reading several positive reviews, I decided to purchase the Shark NV360 Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum and I have not been disappointed. This vacuum is a step up from my previous one, offering more reliability and a better price point. The limited 5-year warranty gives me peace of mind.

      The suction power of this vacuum is impressive – it deep cleans carpets and tackles bare floors with ease. It also works great on pet hair, which is a huge bonus for me as a pet owner. The included upholstery tool is especially useful for removing pet hair from furniture.

      Maneuverability is excellent thanks to the swivel steering. I can easily clean tight spaces, corners, and around furniture. The lift-away functionality is a fantastic feature, allowing me to clean under furniture and above the floor with ease.

      The HEPA filter and anti-allergen complete seal technology ensure that dust and allergens are trapped inside the vacuum, making it a great choice for those with allergies or asthma.

      The large-capacity dust cup is convenient for longer cleaning sessions, and it is easy to remove and empty. The included tools, such as the upholstery tool and crevice tool, are handy for various cleaning tasks.

      Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the Shark NV360 Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum. It has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and reliability. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a powerful and versatile vacuum.

      Additional information



      Special Feature

      bagless, portable, corded, HEPA filtration

      Filter Type

      HEPA Filter

      Included Components

      HEPA Filter, Crevice tool

      Is Cordless



      9 Quarts


      1200 watts

      Form Factor




      Model Name

      Shark NV360

      Product Dimensions

      14.37"L x 11.61"W x 26.77"H

      Noise Level

      80 dB


      3.6 Amps



      Number of Items


      Controller Type

      Push Button

      Control Method






      Item Weight

      15.96 pounds



      Country of Origin


      Item model number


      Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


      Specific instructions for use

      Dual action

      Assembly required


      Number of pieces


      Warranty Description

      Sharkninja five-year (5) limited warranty.

      Batteries required



      Made in USA and Imported

      11 thoughts on “Superior Cleaning Power and Convenience: Review of the Shark NV360 Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum

      1. I’ve lived in apartments since my early 20s, and had an old, bulky vacuum handed down to me from my parents. This is my first vacuum purchase as an adult, and I did quite a bit of research before purchasing this one. This vacuum is awesome! It maneuvers great, has incredible suction power, and sucks up dirt and dust like nobody’s business. My carpet was WAY dirtier than I thought it was, after vacuuming with this thing! Very pleased. Only downfall of this vacuum is the hose that connects to the head – It can be bumped off the head while vacuuming, but easily reattaches. Regardless, I love this thing, and it was a great price.

      2. I ordered this on a Black Friday Sale to have at our home in addition to our Dyson stick vacuum. We have a 3 story house with lots of carpet and a German Shepherd mix dog that sheds a ton. Our Dyson is great for quick jobs, but doesn’t quite have the suction to maintain the carpet like I’d hoped. I’ve been eyeing this vacuum for a while now and pulled the trigger when I saw it go on sale.

        It was easy to assemble. I used it right away. It did a wonderful job on my low pile carpet, getting up lots of dust and hair. It’s lightweight and easy to carry up and down the different flights of stairs as needed. I like being able to detach the canister from the wheels and bar below. I’m hopeful for many good years from this vacuum. So far, no complaints here!

      3. One review said that the shark picked up a ton of dirt and debris on an area of their carpet that had been recently cleaned, and they were blown away at the power of the unit.
        I cleaned my whole house before using the shark and then was AMAZED and how much dust, dirt, and debris it still picked up out of my carpets. My floors feel so good on my bare feet.
        I work from home as a massage therapist so clean is very important to me and due to the amount of traffic in my place I vacuum daily.
        I still can’t belive how much junk the shark got out of my carpet! The unit works better than some brands that sell for thousands of $$, to find this at the price point it’s at was a dream!
        I blabbed about it on all my socials because I am so impressed with the quality of the shark and the results it gave me. I will never use another brand as long as shark maintains their quality.
        I’m still shocked I found this unit at this price point and on Amazon. This has made my tidy home actually clean.
        It’s a tad heavy compared to my previous vacuum but worth it, despite the slight weight increase it moves easily, love the longer cord, and love love love knowing all that dust and dirt isn’t sitting in my floors anymore
        I hate carpet so much because they’re so gross, big dirt magnets but the shark makes that so much nicer because it actually gets all the dust and dirt up.
        My kids room! Omgoodness!! Again, I thought it was clean, I take his wellbeing very seriously, and with his asthma I vacuume in there often to reduce dust and debris. The AMOUNT of junk the shark got out of the carpet … ugh.. so glad I got this. I can’t recommend the shark more.
        It honestly works so well I might be able to vacuum less each week because now when I do spend the time to vacuum the floors are actually getting clean

      4. I have 3 frenchies and let me tell you, they shed! I needed a vacuum that was light enough I could hold and do the stairs and couches in my house. This vacuum is it! I absolutely love this vacuum! The suction power is great and cleans my floors and carpets so good! I love that you can detach the vacuum and it is light enough to hold while cleaning the stairs or the couch. The attachments it comes with are also super helpful and gets into tight spaces, so you don’t miss anything. This is my first shark product and after purchasing, I am a true believer of their products. My carpets feel super clean after using this vacuum and gets all my dog hair.

      5. Un muy buen producto, nos encanto. El único pero es que no aspira líquidos, de ahí en fuera es muy poderosa y muy versátil. La marca Shark ya la había comprado con una plancha que también nos tiene maravillados. Productos de buena calidad.

      6. Definately good value compared simliar priced vaccumes. Excellent suction that gathers a lot of fine dust. In fact, too good for use on high pile carpet in that it becomes hard to push even with reducted suction. (It has a suction control) Forget about doing small drop rugs. It will eat them! Fair job on pet hair. The only questoinable issue is the dust bin. It’s small and a little clumsy when dumpting contents. Otherwise, pretty good vac.

      7. I have light carpets and a black dog, so it’s been such a pain finding a vacuum that sucks up all of his fur without leaving visible clumps. This vacuum makes my carpets look brand new!! The attachments also help me get along the base boards. I truly feel like my carpets are all clean. Super good suction power. My only complaint is that it’s kinda heavy for me to maneuver, especially if I’m using the hose attachment part.

      8. I got this vacuum 5 years ago and it has been great, but my husband kind of ruined it vacuuming out the fireplace and his smoker. It got some brown smelly grease in it that I couldn’t get out. I was super bummed, and so I just bought a new one to replace it because I like it so much. I couldn’t believe how much dirt and hair and crumbs it vacuumed up the first time, and you can see it all in the clear bin.

        It has a great suction power and works on carpet and hardwood. You can turn it on one mode to vacuum without the roller brush rotating (for hardwood), or use the other mode to have the brush on for carpets. The suction can be adjusted on the hose attachment by rotating a venting piece. It has a spot to store the attachments on the vacuum itself (except the larger pet hair attachment). I like that the bottom can detatch, making it much easier to carry up and down the stairs. I also like how the bottom is very flexible to turn into awkward spaces. The container comes off for easy opening and opens from both the top or bottom. Sometimes crud can get stuck between the center piece and the outside wall but if you don’t let it get too full it’s pretty easy to get out. The vacuum has filters that you can remove and clean. If you empty the bin after you vacuum and clean your filters regularly, this vacuum should last you a very long time. I am really enjoying my new vacuum and would definitely reccomend it, just don’t let your husband use it to vacuum out his smoker.

      9. I actually was in the market for a new vacuum as there were parts breaking on my Bissell 2999. (Dust buildup inside the motor housing leading to bearing whine, brush roller wear that required modification to prevent additional damage, as well as handle damage that prevented the vacuum handle from staying locked in place and later being unable to be removed as it got jammed slightly at an angle.)

        Moving on, this is actually a step up, despite having got it at a substantially lower price (99 dollars verse the original Bissell 2999 price being around 200 dollars.) I wanted something that people praised for higher reliability, and this advertised a limited 5 year warranty. I got it, because 99 for a well reviewed vacuum was excellent in idea. I then looked at reviews all over the internet only to find out more and more that the Shark NV360 was way better than expected.

        My only caveats to date are that it has a smaller agitator head, and that it doesn’t come with a agitator attachment, you’d need to get the Pro version NV356E to get the agitator attachment. It does come with a smaller crevasse tool and a very functional upholstery tool that also worked very very well on the stairs.

        Suction on this vacuum is amazing. Especially compared to my Bissell 2999. I have Hoover and Bissell Vacuums, and the 2999 was better than my previous vacuums, but oddly not better than this current one from Shark, the NV360 just to keep things clear. The hose diameter is larger, and that typically means less pressure for most vacuums, however, that is not the case here. You really need to be careful when using the attachments as it will suck up a sock you may have got too close too and it’ll all be too fast to recover from anywhere other than the dust bin.

        Emptying the dustbin is more involved than my Bissell and Hoover vacuums, where a single button press allows you to pull the bin from its’ resting place. In the case of the Shark, you will need to undo two latches that secure the bin in place, but while I thought this would be a bigger problem it has not been. Installing the bin has been a bigger issue than removing it but the process is still really simple. The dual latch does offer the better seal though as it allows for more uniform pressure on the seal under neath and keeps the dust flowing down. It does seem that the foam prefilter would need more cleans than my Bissell 2999 required, but I found that dust released from the Bissell system would agitate my nose a touch, because allergies, while I have had zero incidents of that with the shark. (The Bissell 2999 was still the best I had before I got this NV360 for allergies I experienced, I just thought it was because it was kicking something up but dust patterns formed later in its’ life showing it was some dust leakage.)

        Moving this around is easier than the Bissell 2999 as well, but that is partially because the base is smaller. Both were swivel style vacuums but the NV360 does better on tighter turns than the Bissell. The smaller head seems to also focus more of the dust into the dust bin. Going over areas the Bissell seamed done with, I found that there was still a ton of dirt and dust embedded into the carpet even after 8 passes with the Bissell. I only knew there was more because even though I wasn’t getting anything more on the 8th pass with the Bissell, going over the same area with the NV360 showed there was still a lot of dust left in the carpet. The Bissell did get all the dog hair though and there was only dust and dirt that the shark was able to extract. (This also lead me to do a carpet clean though, as I have a Bissel carpet cleaner that I really like and I finished the job with that.)

        My lesson learned though is that even with a great vacuum like the Shark or my previous best Bissell, you may have to vacuum more often than every 3-4 days as that dirt just keeps getting deeper if you dont.

        Moving on, I am actually very impressed and absolutely can recommend this vacuum to anyone who needs something better. I absolutely can recommend it to anyone who has allergies like me as well. Best vacuum to date. Side note though, when researching vacuums, I did find that the Shark Stratos and Rotator options are more amazing when it comes to airflow and pressure as well as large objects and long hair, but they are between 200 and 300 dollars. For me this is the best option for now, especially seeing it was only 99 dollars when I got it.

      10. Tenia dudas sobre que aspiradora comprar, tengo una golden retriver que tira muchísimo pelo y no sabia que equipo era adecuado para poder recogerlo diariamente.
        Leí las referencias de este producto y me animé a comprarlo.
        Estoy impresionada con su efectividad, recoge muy bien el pelo suelto de mi mascota, la uso diario y me ha funcionado perfectamente bien, para mi tiene un peso adecuado, no se me hace pesada, el largo del cable me alcanza para aspirar toda la parte de abajo de mi casa sin tener que desconectarlo y cambiarlo de lugar y la planta alta que es un poco mas amplia la abarca casi en su totalidad.
        Me fue fácil armarla, y también desarmarla para su limpieza.
        Me gusta mucho que no lleve filtros que deba reemplazar, me encantó que puedo lavarla y esta lista para volver a usarse.
        Verdaderamente estoy encantada con esta aspiradora, ahora veremos que tanto duda en esas condiciones.

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